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Nasi Lemak from KPO Café Bar in Orchard, Singapore
Satay from KPO Café Bar in Orchard, Singapore
Patio of KPO Café Bar in Orchard, Singapore
Sweet and Sour Pork from KPO Café Bar in Orchard, Singapore

KPO Café Bar

Lively cafe and bar on Orchard Road

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  • Cuisine

    Bar, Fusion, Local

  • Menus

    A La Carte Menu Lunch Specials Menu

  • Hours

    Mon-Fri: 11:30am-10:30pm
    Sat-Sun: 3-10:30pm

  • Price


  • Good For

    Al Fresco, Business Meetings, Casual Dining, Drinks, Private Functions

  • Location


  • Address

    1 Killiney Road
    Singapore (239518) Map


A place where good food and great drinks unite, KPO Cafe Bar is a bar staple on Orchard Road that impresses with several al fresco dining decks and elegant indoor seating. Make merry with family and friends as dusk settles with the bar’s rotating variety of live bands. From mando and cantopop to ro ...More


KPO’s Legendary Hokkien Mee, Salted Egg Fish Skin, Chips N Cream, Kronenbourg Blanc

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