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CHOPE \chōp\ transitive verb (Singapore slang): To reserve a seat in a place to eat by placing a tissue packet on it.

What does Chope do?

Book, discover, save. We’re on a mission to connect restaurants and diners through discovery, reservations, and deals. The Chope app and website feature various guides and over 4,000 restaurants to help users discover places to eat, book restaurants and deliveries instantly, and enjoy savings through specials and dining vouchers. Founded in 2011 and currently in eight cities (Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Phuket, Shanghai, Beijing, Bali, and Jakarta), Chope seated 24 million diners in 2019 alone.

Who's on Chope?

We work with top food and beverage partners like The Lo & Behold Group, JUMBO Group, Soho Hospitality, Lost Heaven, and The Union Group. Chope also partners with the likes of Google, TripAdvisor and DBS for an all-rounded lifestyle experience.

In the age of COVID-19, can I still use Chope?

Yes, you definitely can! With Chope On, you can get your meals delivered and takeaway food from the restaurants you love. You’ll enjoy the same access to menus, reviews, and recommendations on each restaurant. You’ll still get exclusive dibs on promotions and discounts, too. Check out Chope On for deliveries and takeaways to keep you going!

How can I start using Chope?

Chope is free to use on both the app and web! You’ll experience more with the app, so download from the App Store or Android and Google play store.


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