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Chope Diner FAQ

Chope Diner FAQ Chope Diner FAQ


Chope-Dollars are awarded for every reservation made via or using the Chope App. Chope-Dollars will not be credited for reservations made via other sites (like our restaurant partners' websites). Make your reservation, have your meal, and receive your Chope-Dollars!

Chope-Dollars are Chope’s way of rewarding our diners for reserving with us. Diners can use their Chope-Dollars to redeem for vouchers from ChopeDeals and rewards from our list of restaurants and partners. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up for free here and earn 100 Chope-Dollars immediately! Existing account holders will be credited with 100 Chope-Dollars within 72 hours of their account activation.

Chope-Dollars convert to different values according to each participating restaurant in each city. Download the Chope app to view the available rewards.

Your current Chope-Dollars earned before and during 2018 will expire on 31 Dec 2019. Thereafter, Chope-Dollars earned during the year will expire on 31 Dec of the following year. (e.g. Chope-Dollars earned during 2019 will expire on 31 Dec 2020.). Once redeemed, vouchers from ChopeDeals/Discount Codes will expire within 90 days from the date of issuance, unless otherwise stated.

In addition, you are able to view the amount of Chope-Dollars that are expiring under Chope-Dollars balance of your Profile tab in the Chope app. It will reflect the expiring Chope-Dollars amount and its expiry date.

Yes! Any reservations you made on the Chope website or Chope app after 5 Feb 2016 would have earned you Chope-Dollars once the reservation was fulfilled. These Chope-Dollars would have been tagged to the email address you used to make bookings. Once you have successfully registered for a Chope account with that same email address, all accumulated Chope-Dollars would then be credited to your account.

Absolutely yes! But why would you do that?

To get your referral link, you will need to log into your Chope account. Your unique referral link can be found in your Profile tab under “Refer New Diner, Earn Chope-Dollars”. Share your referral link with your family and friends so that they can enjoy using Chope as well! Please note that your referees must sign up for a new Chope account with the referral link you have provided them.

New diners (referees) will receive additional 200 Chope-Dollars from signing up via the referral link when the first reservation has been fulfilled. Reservations must be made via the Chope app or and Chope-Dollars will be credited within 72 hours from the date of dining. The referrer will receive 300 Chope-Dollars after the referee has successfully completed his/her first reservation via the Chope app or

Chope audits all reservations on a daily basis and may suspend any diner’s Chope account from making reservations and redeeming Chope-Dollars if our system detects atypical reservation behaviour.

A Chope representative will contact you to verify your reservation activity with a proof of dining (such as a scanned receipt, credit card statements etc.) and your account will be reactivated once the verifications have been made. If a diner's account accumulates no-shows amounting to more than 40% of his or her total reservations, Chope reserves the right to forfeit all Chope-Dollars earned in the event whereby the the diner fails to produce the necessary dining verifications.


You would have received a Reservation Confirmation email. Follow the link to edit or cancel your reservation. Alternatively, you can edit or cancel your reservations from the Chope app as well. If you have installed the Chope App, your reservations should also be consolidated within your profile.

Restaurants who have signed up for this feature will be able to trigger a call/SMS to your mobile phone. This call/SMS serves as a reminder for an upcoming reservation at the restaurant. Kindly follow the instructions in the call or sms for acknowledgement.

Yes, you may and you will still earn Chope-Dollars as long as you are logged into your registered Chope account!

Yes, you may but the subsequent reservations have to be more than 1 hour apart from the previous reservation.

Definitely! Upon arrival, please let the restaurant know the name the reservation was made under.

Each restaurant on Chope submits their agreed online quota to Chope. This online quota dictates how many diners will be allowed to make a reservation via Chope. Once the online quota is reached, Chope’s online reservation for the restaurant will be automatically closed. The online quota may not be reflective of the restaurant’s actual total seating capacity. In situations like this, we would recommend to contact the restaurant directly to make the reservation.

Chope offers 24/7 online reservation services. We do not provide reservation services via phone calls, emails, text, Facebook messenger, etc.

Yes, you can! Chope is available in the following cities, Bali, Jakarta, Bangkok, Phuket, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore. You will earn Chope-Dollars for making reservations in the different cities. However, for Shanghai, please create a separate Chope account.


Chope-Dollars will appear in your Chope account within 72 hours from the dining date.

Chope-Dollars are only awarded when reservations fulfil the following criteria:

  • Reservations were made via the Chope website or app.
  • The diner was logged into their Chope account when the reservation was made.
  • The diner turned up for the reservation!

Please note that for Chope-Dollars to be awarded for a reservation, the diner must make known to the restaurant that they have made a Chope reservation. In cases where restaurants dispute whether a diner has turned up, the diner will be required to provide a proof of dining in the form of a time and date-stamped receipt. Should neither parties be able to verify the genuinity of the reservation, Chope will make the final call for the reinstation of the reservation.

All inquiries regarding Chope-Dollars assigned to a reservation must be submitted via email to our customer support team within 14 days from the reservation date in order to be considered for a review by Chope. To expedite the process, please attach a proof of dining (i.e. receipts) in the email.

Chope-Dollars are only awarded when reservations fulfil the following criteria:

  • Reservations were made via the Chope website or app.
  • The diner was logged into their Chope account when the reservation was made.
  • The diner turned up for the reservation!

The amount of Chope-Dollars you can receive upon fulfilling the reservation would have been displayed on the Chope app or website at the time you made your reservation. If there is no indication of Chope-Dollars you will earn, it means you will not receive Chope-Dollars for this reservation.

Alternatively, you can check the reservation confirmation email sent to your Chope account email address. For reservations that qualify for Chope-Dollars, the email will state the amount you will be earning within 72 hours of your reservation.

Please note that if you have used multiple platforms to make reservations and/or secure deals and discounts for the same meal at a restaurant, and subsequently enjoyed any benefits offered by other portals, Chope reserves the right to deduct any Chope-Dollars that might have been credited to your account for that booking.

Redemption is easy! Simply:

  1. Download the Chope app here.
  2. Under the Profile tab, select “Chope-Dollars Balance” and scroll down to view all rewards. Tap to redeem your preferred reward.
  3. Your restaurant dining vouchers/Discount Code will be emailed to you instantly.

  4. For Krisflyer redemption, KrisFlyer miles will be credited to the diner's KrisFlyer account within 30 working days.

We have Restaurant Vouchers, Discount Codes, KrisFlyer miles, and many more! To view your options, please download the Chope App to view the redemption options!

The amount of Chope-Dollars varies from each participating partner or restaurant. For example, 400 Chope-Dollars is required to redeem for a $10 cash voucher at a participating restaurant. To view the full list please download the Chope app.

Unfortunately, no. Only restaurants that sign up for our Chope-Dollars redemption programme will have vouchers available for redemption. To view your options, please download the Chope app.

Yes. Chope-Dollars is a global currency across all Chope cities. We welcome you to redeem your Chope-Dollars for any of our rewards in all Chope cities.

Please note that the restaurants do not accept vouchers from ChopeDeals on the eve of and on Public Holidays and special occasions (i.e. Valentine’s Day).

KrisFlyer miles will be credited to the diner's KrisFlyer account within 30 working days from the date of submission. Please note that only KrisFlyer members can redeem for KrisFlyer miles. You are required to provide your surname, forename and KrisFlyer Membership number as per your KrisFlyer account. Successful redemptions of Chope-Dollars to KrisFlyer miles by diners are non-refundable and non-reversible by Chope.

  • KrisFlyer miles can only be redeemed via the Chope app.

  • Each membership is only eligible for one redemption of KrisFlyer miles per month.

  • Miles will be credited into your KrisFlyer account within 30 working days after your conversion request.

  • Members are responsible for any delays caused by the submission of inaccurate details.

  • Successful redemptions of Chope-Dollars to KrisFlyer miles by diners are non-refundable and non-reversible by Chope.

  • Suspicious redemptions will be flagged out and Chope will make the final decision on the effectivity of these redemptions. Chope reserves the right to change these T&Cs at any time without prior notice.


Authorisation hold is the practice of verifying electronic transactions initiated with a debit card or credit card and rendering this balance as unavailable for one to use until the ‘Hold’ has expired. One is not charged for any amount at the time of initiating a credit card authorisation hold. Holding period may last up to 30 days.

This feature is implemented upon the restaurant’s request for discouraging no-shows or last minute cancellations. The restaurant may implement a credit card authorisation for reservations on a daily basis or on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc. Kindly check the specific restaurant page for more information.

The credit card authorisation amount is set by the restaurant. The same applies to the cancellation policy. Varying restaurants have different cancellation policies -- kindly review them before submitting your credit card details and confirming your reservation.

No. You will only be charged in the event of a no-show or cancellation within the premise of the restaurant’s defined cancellation policy.

Kindly contact the restaurant directly as only the restaurant will be able to assist you on this. Chope only facilitates the process of passing the diner’s credit card information to the respective restaurant’s payment gateway. Chope does not hold any diners’ credit card details in this process.

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