Chope Diner FAQ

Chope Diner FAQ


LiveUp members will be rewarded with 200 additional Chope-Dollars (worth $5 in dining vouchers) for every successful reservation they complete on Chope, capped at 15 reservations per LiveUp membership year.

LiveUp members who sign up for a Chope account for the first time will get a ‘$10 off’ Chope Shop Discount Code* (to offset voucher-purchases on ChopeDeals) and 400 Chope-Dollars (worth $10 in dining vouchers)**, will be credited upon successful login to their Chope account.

*Minimum spend of $40 is required.

**Only for new user sign-ups on Chope.

You will receive an email "Eating out? Book a table on Chope and receive $7.50 credits for every booking"

Click ‘Redeem Now’ and you will be directed to a Chope login page. For existing Chope members, please enter your Chope credentials. For new signups, enter your preferred details (we recommend adding your LiveUp email address and number in this case), and select ‘Unlock Chope Benefits’.

Please check your spam/junk folders if you are unable to locate the emails in your Inbox.

Kindly contact the support team at LiveUp to trigger a resend of the email. You can reach them chatting with them on their LiveUp FAQ page.

When members redeem their Chope benefits, they must fill in their Chope email address instead of their LiveUp email address in the redemption form.

Contact Please indicate the email address you had submitted and the intended email address.

Unfortunately not. One Chope account can only be associated with one LiveUp account. A member with a previously registered account is not eligible for additional benefits under the same or different user information. Read more at

Upon your successful sign-up on Chope, you will receive a welcome email from Chope. In it, you will find the discount code for vouchers from Chopedeals. The discount code is to be applied at checkout when you purchase vouchers on Please note that this benefit is only for new signups on Chope.

After completing your 15th successful reservation, Chope users will earn 100 to 175 Chope-Dollars for every successful reservation fulfilled henceforth, depending on your tier for ChopePerks, Chope’s loyalty programme.

Chope members can access a detailed view of their Chope-Dollars by visiting the Chope-Dollars balance page when they are logged in to their account.

Within 72 hours after a reservation has been fulfilled, 100 to 175 Chope-Dollars will be awarded, depending on your tier for ChopePerks, Chope’s loyalty programme. For LiveUp members, an additional 200 Chope-Dollars will be earned on top of the regular Chope-Dollars awarded. Up to 375 Chope-Dollars can be earned with each successful reservation fulfilled.

The restaurant may have no-showed or cancelled your reservations. Chope-Dollars are only credited when reservations fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Reservations are made via the Chope website or app
  2. The diner was logged into their Chope account when the reservation was made
  3. The diner turned up for the reservation

Please note that for Chope-Dollars to be awarded for a reservation, the diner must make known to the restaurant that they have a reservation using Chope. In cases where restaurants dispute whether a diner has turned up, the diner will be required to provide a proof of dining in the form of a time and date-stamped receipt. Should neither parties be able to verify the genuinity of the reservation, Chope will make the final call for the reinstatation of the reservation.

All inquiries regarding Chope-Dollars assigned to a reservation must be submitted via email to our customer support team within 14 days from the reservation date in order to be considered for a review by Chope. To expedite the process, please attach a proof of dining (i.e. receipts) in the email.

  1. Download the Chope app
  2. Log into to your Chope account
  3. Go to the Chope-Dollar redemption page
  4. Under the Profile tab, select “Chope-Dollars Balance” and scroll down to view all rewards. Tap to redeem your preferred reward.
  5. Your restaurant dining vouchers/Discount Code will be emailed to you instantly. For Krisflyer redemption, KrisFlyer miles will be credited to the diner's KrisFlyer account within 15 working days.

  6. *Please note: Chope-Dollars will be automatically deducted upon submission of the redemption request.

A Chope Discount Code is to be applied on the Chope Shop, where Chope users can then pay a specially discounted price for pre-purchase discounted dining vouchers (e.g. $45 for $50 worth of dining vouchers, $90 for $100 worth of dining vouchers).

Chope-Dollars are Chope’s way of rewarding our diners for reserving with us. Chope-Dollars can be used to redeem for cash vouchers and rewards from our list of restaurants and partners (e.g. 400 Chope-Dollars for $10 worth of dining vouchers, 700 Chope-Dollars for $20 worth of dining).

Unfortunately no. This discount code is only valid for your email and for a one-time use.

The $10 off discount code is for one time use only code and will expire on 31st March 2019.

Your current Chope-Dollars earned before and during 2018 will expire on 31 Dec 2019. Thereafter, Chope-Dollars earned during the year will expire on 31 Dec of the following year.

(e.g. Chope-Dollars earned during 2019 will expire on 31 Dec 2020.)

Why would you do that? However, should you wish to proceed, kindly email and we will be able to assist you on that.

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