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Our affiliate programme helps to enhance your website's functionality and provides you with the opportunity to earn incremental revenue when visitors to your site make reservations and purchase deals through Chope.

Why Chope?

Chope is dining made easy. Our leading dining platform connects diners to restaurants for memorable experiences, more often. Having seated more than 100 million diners, Chope understands what gets people excited about dining out, and how best to maximise business for over 13,000 restaurant partners.

As a Chope affiliate, you will gain access to all the tools you need to earn additional revenue from your website and enhance user experience. Our team is dedicated to helping you succeed as part of Chope's extended family of affiliates and is committed to creating lasting, fruitful partnerships.

How It Works

Affiliate Program How-It-Works

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Chope’s affiliate programme?
To know more or sign up for our programme, simply fill this out!

Why should I sign up for Chope’s affiliate programme?
1. Your customers will benefit from Chope’s huge selection of restaurants and deals.
2. You’ll make commissions for each successful reservation or deal purchase that you send our way.
3. Your visitors will be thrilled that they received such a helpful referral from you. It makes you look great while earning you cash!

How much do you pay in commissions?
Commissions differ for reservations and deals. Fill out our form to find out more.

How often do you pay your affiliates?
Commissions are paid out on a quarterly basis.

What support do you provide to your affiliates?
Depending on which mode of integration (widgets, cookies and API) you choose, we will provide you with the necessary tools to get you started.

How do I link to your site once I'm an affiliate?
After you sign up and are accepted into Chope’s affiliate programme, we will guide you along on the set-up.

How do I check my statistics to see how I am doing?
After you have been accepted into the programme, we will set up a dashboard for you to be able to log in and keep track of your sales and commission results.

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