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CHOPE \chōp\ transitive verb (Singapore slang): to reserve, such as a seat in a fast food restaurant, by placing a tissue pack or paper on it.

What does Chope do?

Quite simply, we help busy diners make instant reservations at Singapore, Hong Kong , Shanghai, Beijing and Bangkok, Bali and Jakarta's best restaurants: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why should I use Chope?

   • Make online reservations 24/7, no more waiting for someone to pick up the phone!
   • Receive instant email confirmation of your booking (or in select restaurants, the restaurant will respond as soon as possible)

   • Lovingly curated restaurant reviews along with personally recommended dishes you should not miss!
   • Exclusive promotions, perks, restaurant updates, special menus and events

   • Every time you book through Chope's app or website you earn Chope-Dollars, which can be exchanged for dining and lifestyle rewards

It's FREE!
   • Yup, absolutely FREE to make a reservation!
   • FREE to download our apps below!


How do I change or cancel a reservation I made on Chope?

To cancel/edit your reservation, follow the link in your confirmation email. You will need your Reservation Confirmation ID and phone number to login and access the details of your reservation.
Alternatively, you can follow the link here.

Which restaurants are on Chope?

We work with the best restaurants in Singapore, Hong Kong , Shanghai, Beijing and Bangkok, Bali and Jakarta and are adding more every week. Check back regularly or sign up for our mailing list to be the first to find out about the hottest new restaurants on Chope.

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