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Dish of the Month - Chocolate Cake | Chope

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How much do you love Chocolate Cake?

This February, we celebrate love—and what better dish to represent that than with the decadent, all-time favourite, Chocolate Cake? Whether it's a classic version or a re-imagined rendition, there's simply no better way to end a great meal with an indulgent slice of this centuries-old treat.

Here are a few under-the-radar picks that you definitely need to try!




World Chocolate Cake Day is celebrated on 27th January.



Even though chocolates are well-loved by all, dogs sadly can’t enjoy this treat!



Chocolate cake was invented in the mid-1800s, when chocolate lovers found a way to extract cocoa easily.



Chocolate releases serotonin, which makes you feel great!


Morton's The Steakhouse

Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Priced at $38, this decadent lava cake has been a staple at Morton's The Steakhouse for years. With a bunch of recipes floating online attempting to mimick its taste and texture, it's no wonder why they call it "legendary". And we agree!

Morton's Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake: $38


Ninethirty by Awfully Chocolate

131 East Coast Road

Awfully Chocolate's signature chocolate cake may be a well-loved favourite amongst Singaporeans, but give your taste buds a treat the next time with their other best seller—the Chocolate Praline Cake! Featuring dark chocolate cake layered with a confection of hazelnut praline and lightly crunchy feuilletine, the only thing we can say is "Yum!"

Chocolate Praline Cake (1 Slice): $9.90



Multiple Locations

PS.Cafe's Sticky Date Pudding may take reigns as their most popular dessert, but have you given their Double Chocolate Blackout Cake a taste? As decadent as it sounds, it comes served with a side of ice cream and dark chocolate sauce—truly every chocolate lover's dream!

Double Chocolate Blackout Cake: $16



7 Binjai Park

If you're looking for a gluten-free treat, then this cosy Italian joint at Binjai Park's got it. Start your meal with Italian favourites, and end it on a sweet note with an indulgent chocolate cake that's served with vanilla mascaporne, chantilly, pine nut brittles, and chocolate sauce.

Chocolate Flourless Cake: $16



Sofitel Singapore City Centre

Made with exquisite Valrhona Chocolate, Racine's rendition of the chocolate cake comes in the form of a fondant cake that oozes thick and rich liquid chocolate once you cut into it. Served alongside their house-made vanilla ice cream and a dash of sea salt, it's the ultimate combination you never knew you needed!

Valrhona Chocolate Fondant Cake: $18


Angelina (Marina Bay Sands)

Marina Bay Sands

Famed for their L'Africain hot chocolate, this world-famous French patisserie is no stranger to the dessert trade. And boy do they deliver. Sink your teeth into their Trocadéro, which promises to be a comforting and delicate creation that's composed of crunchy hazelnut bidscuit, hazelnut and chocolate cream, grounded almonds icing, and milk chocolate light whipped cream.

Trocadéro (1 Slice): $15


Jones the Grocer

Multiple Locations

Death by chocolate cake? Doesn't sound too bad to us. Layered with brownie, chocolate mousse, meringue, and ganache, Jones The Grocer's take on the classic chocolate cake guarantees a roller coaster of decadent chocolate flavours, textures, and crunch.

Death By Chocolate (1 Slice): $12


The Dark Gallery

Multiple Locations

Is there anything better than an ice-cold cake? The Dark Gallery's signature cake features 80% dark chocolate ice cream set atop a bed of dark chocolate cake, and adorned with dark chocolate shavings, berries, and gold dusting. Talk about decadence!

Petite Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Cake: $49

LANA CAKES since 1964

36 Greenwood Avenue

If you haven't tried Lana Cakes, you're truly missing out. A beloved classic since 1964, their Chocolate Fudge Cake is slathered with their signature chocolate fudge, and hidden within is a timeless chiffon cake that's soft, moist, and light all at the same time.

Chocolate Fudge Cake: $50

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