Dish of the Month December 2021

Dish of the Month December - Korean BBQ | Chope

This December feature, we get the grills going hot for good ol’ Korean BBQ!

Forget electric or charcoal grills, we love the sizzle all the same. Giving praise to the best cuts of meat - samgyeopsal (pork belly), galbi (short ribs), and whatever else tickles your fancy, we share our top picks for the best Korean BBQ joints in town.


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12 Best Korean BBQ Restaurants

1. HANJIP Korean Grill House

River Valley, Clarke Quay  •   Menu  •  $$$

One of the newest and largest grill house on the list, Hanjip packs on the heat with an extensive selection of quality meat. Signature cuts include the Australia Wagyu and USDA Prime Beef - both of which are “proudly aged” to amp up flavour ratings.

Recommended by @jazzesnickie & 7 others


Telok Ayer  •  $$$

For an authentic Busan-style experience, PUJIM BBQ delivers just that. Raved as one of the best in the city, its premium cuts of meat & accommodating service receives a stamp of approval from both locals & Korean expats alike!

Recommended by @madluv4choc & 10 others

3. Friends Tasty Korea

Yishun  •   Menu  •  $$

A good deal’s where Friends Tasty Korea’s at. Here, all you need is less than $20 to eat your fill of Korean BBQ buffet with a free-flow range of selected cuts of meat (including crowd-favourite thick pork belly), side dishes, rice, and desserts to add on to your feast.

Recommended by Elaine

4. 8 Korean BBQ

Shaw Centre, The Central  •  $$

A meat haven for all the carnivorous souls. The best-selling 8 Colours Set is a mixed platter consisting of 8 different flavours of luscious pork belly (original, wine, herb, garlic, miso, curry, kalbi, gochujang). Not forgetting to mention, the pork belly is of the Mangalitza Hog’s, renowned for its exceptional tenderness & flavour - because they’re fancy like that!

Recommended by Jun Yang & 3 others

5. Chang Korean BBQ

Dempsey  •  $$$

Fine dining Korean BBQ spots are few and far between, but Chang Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant is around if you’re on the prowl for one. Perfect for a treat, the menu is filled with beautiful cuts of meat, hand-prepared by the staff for you to devour. Plus, dishes are whipped up by a Korean chef so authentic taste is guaranteed. We’d say it’s well worth the heavier price tag!

Recommended by @arrifz & 2 others

6. Ssak3 Korean BBQ

Bugis  •   Menu  •  $$

Trying to eat well on a budget? Ssak3 is a gem for both your belly and wallet. Behind the great food, the joint is helmed by a Korean chef with over 30 years of experience - you get slices of beautifully grilled meat, a slew of ingredients in your army stew, and bottles of alcoholic beverages, all at an affordable price. How yummy!

Recommended by Adeline & 2 others

7. Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ

Multiple Outlets  •   Menu  •  $$

Reminiscent of the South Korean BBQ scene, the well-established Wang Dae Bak® continues to serve up a familiar taste of the city. True to its name, Wang Dae Bak® does serve up a great deal of well-loved dishes aside from grilled meat that are also oh-so dae bak (awesome)!

Recommended by @hanningbee & 14 others

8. O.BBa BBQ

Tanjong Pagar  •  $$

Waiting for the slices of meat on the grill to get that beautiful golden-brown sheen? Perhaps go for the numerous plates of banchan (side dishes) crowding on the table while you’re at it! Stuff yourself silly with a variety of popular meats, banchan, jjajang fare, and more at O.BBa BBQ.

Recommended by @violaowlx & 6 others

9. Don Dae Bak Restaurant

Chinatown  •   Menu  •  $$

Another dae bak Korean BBQ spot, a meal at Don Dae Bak is akin to a trip straight to flavour-town. Here, charcoal grills fuel a smoke-filled party of grilled meats, warm soups, makgeolli, and many more on the menu.

Recommended by @michelle.nang & 2 others

10. Wonderful Bap Sang

Suntec City, IMM  •  $$

A 2-in-1 restaurant-cum-store, Wonderful Bap Sang is a booming casual concept located in Suntec City and IMM. Hot menu items include BBQ Sets, as well as classics like Sundubu Jjigae (Tofu Stew), and Dak Gangjeong (Boneless Sweet & Spicy Chicken). Take a breather from all the shopping, and make a pitstop where good food awaits.

Recommended by @dreaming_pam

11. The Go Gi Jip 고깃집 Korean BBQ

Tanjong Pagar  •  $$

Enjoy a smoking good time exploring a menu of quality cuts and more. Beyond just Korean BBQ, Go Gi Jip also serves up a delicacy less seen in Singapore, Ganjang Gejang (Soy Marinated Raw Crab), receiving high praise by diners for its creamy and luscious mouthfeel. Combining flavourful meats and seafood goodness, we’d say you’re in for a top-notch treat!

Recommended by @miaoning09

12. Supulae Korean BBQ

Tanjong Pagar  •  $$

Spot Supulae Korean BBQ amongst the rows of restaurants along Tanjong Pagar Road! Bringing in the crowd on the daily, Supulae gets on the grilling action with plenty of meats - both naked & marinated for that extra oomph of flavour. With a homely and lively ambience, it makes for a perfect get-together spot with the gang.

Recommended by @turtlethiam & 2 others