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    Garden 1 at Suka Thai
    Garden 2 at Suka Thai
    Ikan Kari Kuning at Suka Thai
    Udang Telur Asin at Suka Thai
    Ikan Bawal Saus Cabe at Suka Thai
    Mie Pad Thai Udang at Suka Thai
    Singkong Kentang Mangga at Suka Thai
    Bebek Goreng at Suka Thai
    Kepiting at Suka Thai
    Exterior 1 at Suka Thai
    Exterior 2 at Suka Thai

    Suka Thai

    An oriental Thai and Seafood restaurant with a great ambiance

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    • Location

      Pluit, Penjaringan

    • Address

      Komplek Pantai Mutiara Blok TG No. 1
      Penjaringan, Pluit,
      Jakarta 14450 Map

    • PRICE

      $$$ (Rp 250.000 - 400.000)


    Have you been longing for a good, authentic Thai Seafood? Look no more, seek the most thrilled Thai Oriental Cuisine at Suka Thai Restaurant. With views of the sea, you'll most certainly enjoy not only the authentic Thai foods but also submerge yourself with the first-in-Indonesia Thai'view'. Rangin ...More

    Dishes we love

    Kepiting Kari ala Thai, Ikan Tim Lemon, Fresh Oyster Sashimi, Tomyum Talay, Pad Thai Udang, Ikan Goreng Koh Samui, Mee Krop Crispy ala Thai, Salad Salmon & Mangga

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