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Dish 1 at So Hot Stone Hotpot
Dish 2 at So Hot Stone Hotpot
Dish 3 at So Hot Stone Hotpot
Dish 4 at So Hot Stone Hotpot
Dish 5 at So Hot Stone Hotpot
Dish 6 at So Hot Stone Hotpot
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Ambience 1 at So Hot Stone Hotpot

So Hot Stone Hotpot (Mall Taman Anggrek)

Taiwanese stone hotpot at Taman Anggrek

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    Mall Taman Anggrek 2nd Floor
    Jalan Letjen S. Parman Kav 21
    Jakarta Map


    $$ (Rp 100.000 - 250.000)


35% Discount on selected timing Yes, it's true! Simply use promo code SOTHHJKT to enjoy 35% off your bill at these timings only when you book via Chope app/web:Mon-Fri: 10.30am-11.30am Mon-Fri: 2pm-5pm Terms & Conditions: • Please note that only the dishes ordered within the first 30 minutes of y ...More


With nine soup bases and over 100 dishes on the menu, there’s no doubt that So Hot Stone Hotpot is the place to be if you’re looking to be spoilt for choice. So Hot Stone Hotpot's signature is the Stone Hotpot originally from Taiwan. Diners who prefer to have their beef with a lighter soup base ...More


So Hot Seafood XXL, Wagyu Beef XL, Set Lamb XXL, Set Menu Chicken, Family Package, Homemade Soup


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- Enjoy free flow Beer Bintang when you order A Set + Rp 120,000 for 90 minutes/pax.
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