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Special Dish 1 at Okuzono Japanese Dining
Special Dish 2 at Okuzono Japanese Dining
Special Dish 3 at Okuzono Japanese Dining
Special Dish 4 at Okuzono Japanese Dining
Special Dish 5 at Okuzono Japanese Dining
Special Dish 6 at Okuzono Japanese Dining
Dish 1 at Okuzono
Lobster Garic at Okuzono
Dish 2 at Okuzono
Dish 3 at Okuzono
Dish 4 at Okuzono
Dish 5 at Okuzono
Dish 6 at Okuzono
Ambience 1 at Okuzono
Ambience 3 at Okuzono
Ambience 4 at Okuzono

Okuzono Japanese Dining

An authentic Izakaya concept

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  • Location


  • Address

    Jalan Suryo No. 1
    Jakarta Map

  • Good For

    Business Meetings, Casual Dining, Drinks, Kid Friendly, Large Parties (9 ), Family Dining

  • Serves

    Lunch, Dinner


Step right into a scene of the movie Memoirs of a Geisha and experience Japan without having to leave Jakarta. Where you ask? Drive along Jalan Suryo in South Jakarta and you will find a Japanese-esque building, complete with an open-air zen garden and bamboo trees. Okuzono Japanese Dining is an a ...More


"A new authentic Japanese restaurant with an authentic yet modern Japanese feel. They serve premium fresh seafood all the way from the renowned tsukiji market, grilled on open fire grill, served as sushi or sashimi, as well as other classic Japanese fares." -What's New Jakarta "With an arresting in ...More


Sashimi Mori-5, Chaba Beef, Lobster Garlic Tea Butter, Wagyu Grill, Tori Maze Soba, Chicken Namban, Wara-Yaki Maguro, Matcha Affogato, Houji-Cha Brulee

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