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    Nasi Goreng at Kayu Kayu Restaurant
    Satay at Kayu Kayu Restaurant
    Spicy Food at Kayu Kayu Restaurant
    Martabak at Kayu Kayu Restaurant
    Interior 1 at Kayu Kayu Restaurant
    Interior 2 at Kayu Kayu Restaurant
    Interior 3 at Kayu Kayu Restaurant
    Beverages at Kayu Kayu Restaurant
    Dish 2 at Kayu Kayu Restaurant
    Dish 3 at Kayu Kayu Restaurant
    Dish 6 at Kayu Kayu Restaurant

    Kayu Kayu Restaurant

    Polished staple with a fashionable light-wood interior serving upmarket Indonesian dishes

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    • Cuisine


    • Menus

      All Menu

    • Hours

      Mon-Sun: 8am-10pm

    • Serves

      Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    • Good For

      Al Fresco, Casual Dining, Kid Friendly, Large Parties (9 ), Private Functions, Family Dining, Live Music

    • Location

      Tangerang, Serpong

    • Address

      Jalan Jalur Sutera No. 28A, Pakualam
      Banten 15325 Map

    • PRICE

      $$$ (Rp 250.000 - 400.000)


    Kayu Kayu is a family-friendly restaurant that focuses on bringing people closer to nature. An extension from Kosenda Hotel, Kayu Kayu present a unique hospitality with the playful use of woods, that are sourced and refurbished locally.


    "Over here, the menu features variety of familiar Indonesian dishes that are done with aplomb. Choices like Bandeng Sambal Matah, Sate Maranggi and Nasi Goreng NKRI (a hearty portion of fried rice served with three kinds of satays and fried chicken) easily appeals to everyone. If you’re not in a hu ...More


    Tahu Telor, Nasi Goreng Kambing, Kambing Bakar, Martabak Manis

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