FAQ of One-time Password

Q: What is a One-time Password (OTP)?

A: An OTP is a time-sensitive password randomly generated for a particular login session or transaction.

Q: What are the transactions that require an OTP?

A: At the moment, you will require an OTP during the Chope-Dollars redemption process, in order to redeem your Chope-Dollars for rewards.

Q: What will you do with the mobile numbers collected from OTP? Will they be used for promotional purposes?

A: All mobile numbers collected as part of the redemption process are for OTP verification purposes only. The data collect is purely operational and Chope will not use it for marketing or commercial purposes unless prior consent was granted. (Please note that 'prior consent' includes instances where the number has been used to make an online reservation.)

Q: How do I use the OTP function?

A: Fill in your redemption details, including a mobile number that the OTP will be sent to. (Important: Please note that this same number, once successfully verified and thus tagged to the account, cannot be used again with a different Chope account to redeem Chope-Dollars for vouchers, unless the first account changes its verified number for OTP.) Submit your information, and click "Send OTP" on the next page to receive your time-sensitive, One-time Password. Once received, please enter the code within the time limit (currently 10 minutes) to complete redemption. Submit the code to receive your vouchers.


Please refer to this image for a visual tutorial.


Q: Can I use or share a common mobile number for the OTP function?

A: No. To ensure authenticity of our users, individual mobile numbers used to redeem Chope-Dollars for dining vouchers can only be bound to 1 account at a time and cannot be used for redemption on multiple Chope accounts.

For example, the mobile number +66 9123 4567 was used to redeem vouchers with the Chope-Dollars from johnsmith@example.com's account. The same number +66 9123 4567 cannot be used to redeem vouchers with the Chope-Dollars from janedoe@example.com's account.

Q: What if I don't have a mobile number?

A: If you find it impossible to use any mobile number, kindly contact support.th@chope.co and provide your account email, details of the option you wish to redeem for, and our team will be happy to manually process your redemption. We advise you to do this at least 72 hours before dining as we would need some time to process.

Q: Do I have to key in my phone number each time I redeem?

A: You only need to key in your phone number for the first time when you need to receive OTP. After successfully verified, the number will be auto-filled for your future transactions if you keep using the same number.

Q: How do I update my phone number?

A: If you have changed your phone number, simply enter the new number in the redemption form when you next make a redemption. Once you have used the new number for a successful verification, your number is automatically updated.

Q: I accidentally keyed in the wrong mobile number and submitted it. What do I do?

A: You can close the OTP window to return to redemption form, edit the phone number and submit again. Your Chope-Dollars will not be deducted once you finish the OTP verification.

Q: What is the "phone number" in Account Setting? Is it tagged to the OTP number?

A: The phone number in Account Setting is the one used for making restaurant reservations, and is independent from OTP phone number. Of course, you can use the same number for both.

Q: Is the service chargeable?

A: This service is currently offered free of charge but you may incur charges from your mobile operators. Standard SMS charges for receiving SMS still apply.

Q: Can I use the service overseas?

A: Chope's OTP is sent using SMS technology; the foreign country would need to support GSM network and SMS. Please contact your mobile service operator for further details on receiving SMS sent from Thailand whilst overseas.

Q: What if my overseas mobile service operator or the country I am in does not support GSM network or SMS technology?

A: As you cannot receive Chope's OTP, you will not be able to perform the online transaction of redeeming Chope-Dollars for dining vouchers. You may contact us at support.th@chope.co should such a problem arise. If you are travelling, you are encouraged to make all your redemptions before leaving.

Q: What if I don't receive the OTP?

A: Please recheck and make sure that you have:

- Selected the corresponding country of your number

- Entered the phone number correctly (without country code)

- Clicked the “Send OTP” button in the OTP popup window after submitting your redemption form (screenshot below).


If you have no problem with the above steps but still cannot receive your OTP, please contact support.th@chope.co and kindly inform us of your account email and redemption phone number for us to investigate.

Q: I received an OTP but did not request for it.

A: Please kindly ignore it. This could be someone trying to use your number by mistake. However, rest assured that your number should be secure and will not be tagged to anyone else’s account, because they cannot receive or verify the OTP which is needed for tagging.

Q: I input the OTP but did not receive the voucher.

A: Please click the “Verify” button after you enter the OTP received in SMS, and after successful verification, wait until it returns to redemption form page. If your Chope-Dollars have been deducted but you can not receive the voucher, kindly contact support.th@chope.co for assistance.

Q: How long do I have to wait before an OTP is sent to me?

A: OTP is sent to your number instantly after you click “Send OTP” and is normally received within seconds. In cases where you are experiencing weak mobile connection, there might be a short delay.