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Mezza from Sanobar Restaurant in Bugis, Singapore
Hummus from Sanobar Restaurant in Bugis, Singapore

Sanobar Restaurant

Authentic Lebanese cuisine along Bussorah Street

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  • Location


  • Address

    20 Baghdad Street
    Singapore (199659) Map


An authentic taste of Lebanon. That's what Sanobar Restaurant promises diners who find themselves supping at their bustling restaurant on Bussorah Street, and boy, do they deliver. From familiar staples like falafel, hummus and baklava, to heartier mains like moussaka and lamb kofta, Sanobar Restaur ...More


BBQ Butterfish, Chicken Moussaka, Lamb Kofta, Shish Kebab, Grilled Halloumi Cheese, 1001 Mezza, Baklava

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