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Ebisu Course from Niku Katsumata in Duxton, Singapore
A4 Wagyu Fillet from Niku Katsumata in Duxton, Singapore
Japanese Pork Prosciutto from Niku Katsumata in Duxton, Singapore
Wagyu Sushi Topped with Sea Urchin from Niku Katsumata in Duxton, Singapore
Niku Yaki from Niku Katsumata in Duxton, Singapore
Trio Assorted A4 Wagyu Beef from Niku Katsumata in Duxton, Singapore
Wagyu Tartare from Niku Katsumata in Duxton, Singapore

Niku Katsumata

Quality Japanese beef grilled over crystals in Duxton

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  • Location

    Tanjong Pagar, Duxton

  • Address

    47 Duxton Road
    Singapore (089511) Map


Welcome to the wonderful world of Japanese beef: meat that’s succulent, sweet, well-marbled, and unbelievably tender. Niku Katsumata prides itself on serving some of the finest beef produced in Japan, plated in the simplest ways to highlight the natural flavours of the meat, and paired with various ...More

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The buzz

“Some might be hesitant about raw beef but Taiki’s careful handling of the meats is comforting. The cut of meat used for the wagyu tartar changes from time to time but the rump cut here gives a good bite.”- SG Magazine

Dishes we love

A4 Wagyu Beef Set, Tataki Wagyu, A4 Wagyu Donburi with Caviar, A4 Wagyu Donburi with Ikura, A4 Wagyu Donburi with Foie Gras

Takeaways & delivery available

The restaurant will be open for takeaways & delivery instead.

Takeaway Operating Hours
Mon-Sun: 2-8pm

Menu: Takeaway & Delivery Menu

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