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BBQ Karubi from Gyu-Kaku (Marina Square) in Promenade, Singapore
Premium Set from Gyu-Kaku (Marina Square) in Promenade, Singapore
Australia Wagyu Karubi from Gyu-Kaku (Marina Square) in Promenade, Singapore
Recommended Platter from Gyu-Kaku (Marina Square) in Promenade, Singapore
Ishiyaki Bimbimbap from Gyu-Kaku (Marina Square) in Promenade, Singapore

Gyu-Kaku (Marina Square)

Family-friendly Japanese yakiniku restaurant, located in Marina Square mall

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  • Location

    City Hall, Promenade, Marina Central

  • Address

    6 Raffles Boulevard
    Marina Square
    Singapore (039594) Map


Consider Gyu-Kaku a meat-lover’s dream come true. Prime Japanese wagyu is the star on the menu here, alongside other premium cuts of meats and an assortment of appetisers and crunchy salads. Start the meal with a light, refreshing dish of Cold Tofu with Banbanji sauce, a spicy sesame dressing that ...More

Dishes we love

Cold Tofu with Banbanji Sauce, Japanese Wagyu Chuck Karubi, Japanese Wagyu Premium Loin Steak, Australian Wagyu Thick Tongue, Kurobuta Pork Belly

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