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Crispy Cereal Prawn from Granny
Home made Fish Head in Claypot from Granny
Signature Deep Fried Chicken Wing from Granny
Assam Fish Head from Granny
Soup from Granny

Granny’s Secret

Traditional delights at OG Albert Complex

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  • Cuisine

    Chinese, Local, Zi Char

  • Menus


  • Hours

    Mon-Tue: 11am-8pm
    Thu-Sun: 11am-8pm
    Closed Wednesday

  • Price


  • Good For

    Casual Dining, Kid Friendly

  • Location


  • Address

    60 Albert Street
    Level 2
    Singapore (189969) Map


At Granny’s Secret, every dish is prepared based on traditional recipes. Tucked away in a homely corner in OG Albert Complex, savour memories of your granny’s recipes with every bite. Although the eatery’s menu is inspired by traditional flavours, Granny’s Secret occasionally welcomes new dishe ...More


Three Treasures, Traditional Handmade Popiah, Chef Specialty Assam Fish, Nutritional Flower Tea

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