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Artichoke from Butcher
Bone-in Sirloin Club Steak from Butcher
Chocolate Tart from Butcher
Cecina de Leon from Butcher
Hand-Dived Norwegian Scallop from Butcher
Meat Vault of Butcher
Porterhouse from Butcher
Turbot from Butcher
Interior of Butcher
Wine Library of Butcher

Butcher's Block (Raffles Hotel)

A delicious experience in Raffles Hotel Singapore

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  • Location

    City Hall

  • Address

    328 North Bridge Road
    #02-02 to #02-07
    Raffles Arcade
    Singapore (188719)
    (Accessible via North Bridge Road entrance) Map

  • Good For

    Business Meetings, Casual Dining, Drinks, Private Functions, Quiet Dinner, Romantic Dates

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Discover some of the world’s finest cuts of meats personally sourced and procured by Chef Rémy Lefebvre from dedicated farms that show utmost care and respect for their livestock at Butcher's Block. These premium meats are cooked using the time-honoured craft of wood fire employing a variety of te ...More


Ibérico Sando, Charred Bone Marrow, Kusunoki Wagyi Beef A5, Tomahawk 1.5kg


We are pleased to inform you that Raffles Hotel Singapore has been given the SG-Clean certification - an initiative by the Singapore government, led by the Singapore Tourism Bureau to award destinations that have met detailed and thorough precautionary measures. Please note that during your visit wi ...More

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