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In the spirit of discovering new restaurants, the Chope family is giving you a peek into our dining experiences with personal anecdotes, as well as favourites from our go-to restaurants!

Here are the some of the places we go to unwind, de-stress, and recharge.

Our Picks

Atlas Coffeehouse

6 Duke's Road

"My idea of a chill weekend would be to sit at a nice cafe, sip on good coffee, have some yummy food and either people watch or read a good book. Atlas coffeehouse ticks all of those boxes for me. Its convenient location makes it a great place to meet friends and the neighbourhood its based in has a nice bustle of energy that makes me feel inspired and uplifted. Another major plus point is that they always have great food options for every mood, be it healthy or indulgent."


Caffe Fernet

70 Collyer Quay

"Caffe Fernet is the perfect place to chill out and recharge with delicious food and beautiful views, whether during the day or night. Their "Veal Meatballs" and "Charred Octopus" never disappoints, so if you're intending on heading down to Caffe Fernet, remember to try them!"


Dempsey Cookhouse

17D Dempsey Road

"If you're someone who looks to greenery and bright spaces to find respite but would rather do so indoors, Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar might just be the place for you."


Employees Only

112 Amoy Street

"Employees Only is a definite go-to place for drinks with my friends or on dates. Apart from quality cocktails, the staff there are always a joy to be around and never fails to make me feel at home. Although it can get crowded and rowdy from time to time, I never fail to have a great time with my friends there. My favourite drink is the Pandanadol - it's sweet, but also lethal enough for me to have a fun night. P/S, try ordering it with 2 or 3 shots!"



331 North Bridge Rd

"Loof has been around for a while, but it's still the usual hang out for me and my friends, especially on weeknights since it's less crowded. Plus, the team is always updating their menu and we always have something interesting and new to try whenever we're there!"


Origin Grill & Bar

22 Orange Grove Road

"It's a great place for intimate drink sessions with friends. The setting is chic but also accessible, and the concept of the menu is very interesting. Service is always top notch, and they have a singer called Nick Zavior who performs there occasionally who we all really love! For more private evenings, there are booth options which come equipped with curtains."


Original Sin

Blk 43 Jalan Merah Saga

"To me the Holland Village area is a nice respite from city life. Being in the city 5 days a week for work, I enjoy going there on the weekends to unwind. It's calming and relaxing just to walk around the area, however when I want to dine out there, my go-to would be Original Sin. They make homey comfort food such as pizzas and pastas, but they're able to make it vegan for you and adapt to your dietary needs, which I feel is a nice touch and something that would keep me gonig back."


PS.Cafe Harding

28B Harding Road

"P.S Cafe at Harding is my favourite outlet, especially on the weekends when I want to unwind. The outdoor area is the best in the late afternoons as it isn't too warm, and you can enjoy the full effect of the lush greenery. It's the best feeling to sit back, sip on a cup of coffee, enjoy some Truffle Fries and feel as if you're in your own backyard."



10 Scotts Road

"A nice place to go with family on the weekends to relax and spend quality time together. StraitsKitchen doesn't only have a big variety of food, but its quality is always excellent. Their flavours are bold and heavy, StraitsKitchen is just the perfect place for you to simply eat, be happy and go a little crazy!"


Tanjong Beach Club

120 Tanjong Beach Walk

"My friends and I usually plan a Tanjong Beach Club date once a month or so. It's our place of choice when we want to chill, relax, and recharge for the next week. As the benches on the beach are first come first served, we usually get a table inside to enjoy some food first before heading out to bathe in the sun. Whenever any of us feels like the week has been particularly tough, we will always request to head to TBC ASAP."



10 Siloso Beach Walk

"If your idea of a chill weekend to unwind includes spending time by the beach, Trapizza is the place for you. I enjoy going there on the weekends to relax - it's my go-to lazy Sunday plan. Situated in Sentosa, it's a nice getaway from reality, and Trapizza has good sharing plates like pizzas and pastas. Their cocktail portions are also humongous, which are perfect for a long afternoon by the beach!"


Wild Honey

333A Orchard Road

"I like to go to Wild Honey for a weekend out to catch up with friends or for a date. They have a good selection of breakfast and brunch options, with something for everyone and every palate. The balcony seating at the Scotts Square outlet is my personal favourite, and my go-to dish is the "Tunisian", which also comes in a vegetarian version!"


Alley on 25

5 Fraser Street, Andaz Singapore

"Having a meal at Alley on 25 is just like dining in the sky. At level 25 of Andaz Singapore, you will be able to enjoy the stunning view of the city! This place is perfect for a date or a gathering because there is a variety of restaurants and bars that you can choose from with your loved one or friends."

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