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In the spirit of discovering new restaurants, the Chope family is giving you a peek into our dining experiences with personal anecdotes, as well as favourites from our go-to restaurants!

Here are our favourite spots for celebrations - whether for intimate sessions, or with a group of friends.

Our Picks


Tiong Bahru

"I think Bincho is a nice place to go for dinner or drinks with friends when people are up for something a little out of the ordinary. It has a nice hidden "hipster" vibe, with interesting options on the menu as well. It feels like a little secluded alleyway, which brings excitement to the dining experience as well."


Birds of a Feather

Amoy Street

"Birds of a Feather has a unique concept and it's decor is not something you'll normally see at restaurants. Their food is an interesting take on Sichuan cuisine, which isn't what you'd first expect. It's a place to try with friends if you're in the mood for something different!"



Jalan Besar

"I really enjoy CreatureS because they do a really good twist on local food, where they elevate the flavours but still retain the homely comforting aspects of the dish. The vibe of the restaurant is really nice as well, located in a shophouse setting that they have done up quite neatly. They jumped on the bandwagon of the "Crispy Rendang" which actually turned out surprisingly well and they have a dish called "Ah Kong Fried Chicken and Ah Ma Noodles" which is really quirky but yummy. If you like cocktails you should try their selection as well - they have some pretty interesting flavours!"


Fat Cow

Orchard Boulevard

"Due to its relatively high price point, Fat Cow is a place I would only go to once in a while for a special occasion. Although it might hurt my wallet, their quality food and service always makes up for the damage. They're well-known for a reason, and I think it would be worth a try for your next date night out."



Amoy Street

"The interior setting of Kimme is modern, trendy, and minimalist. Dining here allows you to focus on the flavours of the food instead of being distracted by your surroundings. To me, they serve up affordable and good food that also threads the line of "fine dining". It is a great option for casual dinners and also good for dates!"


Mitzo Restaurant & Bar

Grand Park Orchard

"Mitzo's a place I would bring my friends to when we meet up now and then. They serve fusion food and have really good Dim Sum, which they're really adventurous with. Plus, check out their selection of happy hour drinks, and the amazing selection of bar bites too!"


NOX - Dine in the Dark

Beach Road

"When you mention "unique dining experience", NOX is the first to come to my mind. Nothing gets as adventurous or unique as dining in the dark, and it's unlike anything I've ever tried before. Eating without your sense of sight allows you to enjoy your meal in such a different way, and is such a challenge! I'd recommend everyone to try it!"



Gardens by the Bay

"When I think of a place to go to for a special occasion, or just as a treat, I think of Pollen. I think Pollen is a destination in itself. It's location and ambience is obviously not something you can find anywhere. Being there myself, I can say that it is not only romantic, but it is calming in a unique way. The food is vegetarian friendly, and the staff is attentive. The space isn't the biggest but they leave a good amount of room between tables so you do not feel stifled. Definitely a place people should check out at least once."


Tippling Club

Tanjong Pagar Road

"Tippling Club is a definite must-go, if you're in for an adventurous night. Their chef focuses on molecular gastronomy and so much thought is put into each dish. Their flavours are always complemented well, and every plate is a work of art. His menu is based on different cocktails, which is starkly different from other restaurants, who usually base their cocktails on the main menu."


Trattoria Nonna Lina

Cantonment Road

"If you're planning on dining out for a birthday or special occasion, but want something comforting and homey, try Trattoria Nonna Lina. You'll get an amazing and authentic Italian-Tuscan experience, paired with good wines. Although the price point might be slightly steep, it's definitely worth it. Trattoria Nonna Lina is down to earth, uses high quality ingredients and always gives you the good kind of home-cooked feels!"


National Kitchen by Violet Oon

National Gallery

"Violet Oon is a dining experience I truly enjoyed. It has a unique and oddly familiar setting, which is both posh and elegant, but with an air of homey comfort. They serve up great peranakan food and has become my go-to place for peranakan cravings. Try their "Dry Laksa" and their desserts!"


Xiao Ya Tou

Duxton Hill

"I think more and more places are trying to add their own spin on traditional local flavours, but Xiao Ya Tou does it quite well. They bring you back to your childhood days, not just because of the superb decor, but also right down to the cutlery they use. It's a great choice for a night out with friends, where you can also incorporate some nostalgia while enjoying familiar flavours."