The Chope-Dollars Program

The Chope-Dollars Program

Reserve through Chope when you dine, and collect dining perks for every booking!


Chope-Dollars are Chope’s way of rewarding our diners for reserving with us. Diners who have earned at least 400 Chope-Dollars can use their Chope account to redeem cash vouchers at an exclusive list of restaurants. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up for free here and earn 100 Chope-Dollars immediately! Existing account holders will be credited with 100 Chope-Dollars within 72 hours of their account activation.
Chope-Dollars are awarded for every reservation made via or The Chope Mobile App. From February 2016 onwards, Chope-Dollars will be automatically credited to the email used to make reservations. After you register using this email, you will be able to see all accumulated Chope-Dollars in your account.  

To start collecting Chope-Dollars, simply: 
Reserve via or The Chope Mobile App. Reservations made via other sites (like our restaurant partners' websites) will not be eligible to earn Chope-Dollars. Make your reservation, complete your meal, and receive your dollars!
Chope-Dollars will appear in your Chope account within 72 hours from the dining date.
Chope-Dollars are only credited when reservations fulfil the following criteria:
- Reservations are made via the Chope website or app
- The diner was logged into their Chope account when the reservation was made
- The diner turned up for the reservation!

Please note that for Chope-Dollars to be awarded for a reservation, the diner must make known to the restaurant that they have a reservation. In cases where restaurants dispute whether a diner turned up, Chope will side with the restaurant unless the diner is able to provide proof of dining in the form of a time and date stamped receipt.

If you have met all of the following criteria and Chope-Dollars weren't credited, please send us an email at with your reservation details and we will investigate.

All inquiries regarding Chope-Dollars assigned to a reservation must be submitted via email within 14 days after the reservation date in order to be considered for review by Chope.
Redemption is easy! Simply:
   1. Be a registered and verified user, or login to Chope Via Facebook (sign-up here).
   2. Fill in and submit the redemption form. Your Chope-Dollars will be automatically deducted upon submission of the redemption form.
   3. Your restaurant dining vouchers will be emailed to you instantly. Chope Shop Gift Cards (for offsetting of your purchases) will require 3-5 working days.
Yes. The Chope–Dollar is a global currency across all Chope cities. We welcome you to redeem your Chope-Dollars for any of our participating restaurants in any city except for Phuket. See the redemption form for the full list.
Please note that the restaurants do not accept Chope Vouchers on the eve of and on Public Holidays
Chope-Dollars convert to different values according to each participating restaurant in each city. Check out our redemption form to find out more. Chope-Dollars are redeemable for dining vouchers and gift cards only.
Chope-Dollars expire two years from the date they are awarded to your account. Once redeemed, Chope Vouchers expire within 90 days from date of issuance, unless otherwise stated.
Unfortunately, we are not able to reconcile past reservations with Chope-Dollars at this time. Chope-Dollars will only be awarded for reservations made after the program was launched on 15 January 2015.
Chope audits all reservations from time to time and may suspend any Chope-Dollar redemptions if our system detects atypical reservation behaviour. Please contact with your user details should you face this issue. A Chope representative will contact you to verify your reservation activity with a proof of dining (such as a scanned receipt, credit card statements etc.) and your account will be reactivated once the verifications have been made. If a diner's account accumulates no-shows consisting to more than 40% of his or her total reservations, Chope reserves the right to forfeit all Chope-Dollars earned, in the event where the the diner fails to produce proof needed for verification.

For the FAQ about the OTP (one-time password) function during the redemption of vouchers, please click here.

Chope may, at its own discretion, amend the above without prior notice.