Noodle & Pasta Guide

Have your chopsticks and forks at the ready! Some lip-smacking noodle and pasta dishes are headed your way. Whether it's a spicy surprise or a creamy classic, you're bound to find a favourite in the mix.

Must-Try: Octopus & Mussel Spaghetti
Seductively dark squid-ink pasta calls for bright pops of chilli, mussels, tender octopus, and a savoury sprinkle of capers, wine, and parsley. Art on a plate!

Must-Try: Cured Pork & Squid Stir-Fried Glass Noodles
This refined Thai glass noodles dish, tossed with tender pork slices and squid, remains the top choice for those who prefer something lighter on the palette.

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Must-Try: Firecracker Pulled Pork Habanero Pasta
Get ready for a magnificent display of explosive flavours as you tuck into this Morsels signature, a fiery feast of pasta, pork, and a dollop of sour cream.

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Must-Try: Shrimp Truffle Angel Hair, 75°C Egg & Seaweed
The title is pretty self-explanatory, really. All you need to know is that it’s simply delish! The unexpected marriage between an oozing egg and shrimp truffle is a stunning combination of flavours that sates our every desire.

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Must-Try: 48 Hour Barolo Braised Oxtail Strozzapreti, Parmesan Wafers, Wild Thyme
Gravy and tender oxtail are dished onto elegantly rolled tubes of strozzapreti. Braised for 48 hours to extract maximum flavour, the meat is perfectly complemented with parmesan wafers and wild thyme.

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Must-Try: Chen's Original Spicy Soup Noodle
Hot, hot, hot! Slurp up this yummy bowl of noodles and titillate your taste buds with this marvel from a 2 Michelin-starred restaurant.

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Must-Try: Sous Vide Egg & Spaghettini
Spaghettini tossed with luscious truffle salsa, Iberico ham and truffle hollandaise and topped with a soft poached egg, we couldn’t feel more pampered with this delicate creation.

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Must-Try: Buah Keluak Noodles
Launch a gastronomic fiesta in your mouth with this local rendition of our favourite noodles. Peranakan flavours at their best, this aromatic pasta is a delightful collision between East and West, modernity and tradition. We can't ask for more, really!

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Must-Try: Dan-Dan Noodle
Enough heat to set your tastebuds a'tingling, this Sichuan specialty is particularly savoury at Xi Yan Shaw. The noodles are smooth and firm, giving you the perfect reason to slurp up all that goodness.