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Singapore’s Food-steps

If you asked us to choose a dish to represent the Singaporean food scene, we’d put our money on Rojak! Our little red dot is chock-full of flavours from all around the world, but how did we get here?

This National Day, we’re tracing Singapore’s culinary journey from the 60s, to the future. Come walk this gastro-path with us, and grab a bite along the way as we figure out what’s Singapore’s next food-step!


We’re on our own. As a newly independent country, we were an OVERFLOWING pot of cultures, collated over years of being a fishing hub! A huge mishmash of foodstuffs were available by hawkers and peddlers, even exotic meats like pangolin and crocodile—yes, just laid out on the streets!

Did you know?
Satay club was an ultra-popular haunt where hungry foodies shared communal bowls of peanut sauce, germs be damned!

Photo from NAS


Other than the usual hawker push-carts, Singapore’s food options expanded with the introduction of fast food chains. But that didn’t stop the peddlers! Calls for nasi-lemak would ring through the corridors, with runners delivering piping hot packets of coconut rice to doorsteps. Isn’t it funny how that parallels today’s food delivery service?

Did you know?
A&W was the first fast food chain to open here in 1968!

Photo from NAS


Grow Singapore grow! We have to admit, Singapore underwent the most transformation this in decade. Not only were we embarking on a massive overhaul of the Singapore River, but many street food peddlers and hawkers were also being shuffled indoors due to government policy, paving the way for the indoor food courts we know and love today!

Did you know?
Maxwell Food Centre used to be a wet market, where meals cost as little as 8 cents!

Photo from NAS


Remember the dial-up tone? If you do, you’re a true 90s kid! As the internet exploded in popularity, more international tastes were introduced to our island city, bringing in a whole host of new eateries. What’s more, the completion of the first two MRT lines meant it was more convenient to go on foodie adventures!

Did you know?
Singapore’s first bubble tea store, Bubble Tea Garden, opened in 1992!

Photo from NAS


Welcome to a new frontier of dining! The 2000s opened the floodgates for standalone restaurants and brands to enter the Singaporean market—one of them was homegrown bakery brand BreadTalk. As dining-out became a common middle-class activity, more foodie trends appeared to keep up with diner demands!

Did you know?
More restaurants started experimenting with fusion cuisine after this decade!

Photo from Sinpopo


With smartphones and social media spreading across the globe, so has Singapore’s food reputation as a dining hub. Michelin landed on our shores in 2016, with our little red dot being the first Southeast Asian country ever to be featured! Placed on the culinary map, Singapore has continued to produce the world’s best—one of Asia’s top restaurants, Les Amis, calls us home!

Did you know?
Liao Fan Hawker Chan is the first Michelin-starred street food hawker in the world!

Photo from Les Amis


All aboard the sustainability train! Not only are more organic based, farm-to-table restaurants opening, but existing eateries have been shifting towards sustainable practices! Plastic straws and packaging have been eradicated from lush eateries and fast food chains alike—a nod to environmentalism!

Did you know?
Open Farm Community doesn’t just serve amazing organic plates, it also conducts workshops and activities to promote sustainability!

Photo from Open Farm Community

Take Your Pick

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