Dish of the Month September 2021

Dish of the Month September - Tiramisu | Chope

We’re sure everyone can agree when we say that tiramisu is superior. Nobody can resist the dreamy combination of coffee, mascarpone cheese, cake, and liqueur - it’s literally heaven in a bowl!

This September, we’ve got a crazy list of 12 best tiramisu places that are worth all the calories. From ultimate boozy versions to refreshing fruity flavoured ones, here’s where you can find your perfect little pick-me-up!


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12 Best Tiramisu in Singapore

1. Trattoria Nonna Lina

Cantonment  •   Menu

If you like your tiramisu thick and velvety, you’ll love this cosy Italian spot’s authentic tiramisu. Filled with a generous amount of mascarpone cheese and layers of espresso soaked biscuits, this indulgent sweet treat from Trattoria Nonna Lina is the perfect end to your meal.

Tiramisú (Nonna Lina): $16

2. iO Italian Osteria

Hillview  •   Menu

If you’ve heard of iO Italian Osteria, you’ve definitely heard all about their popular pistachio tiramisu! Full of textures and flavour, the layers of pistachio ganache and mascarpone cheese topped with chopped pistachios are absolutely life-changing.

Pistachio Tiramisu: $14

3. Morsels

Dempsey  •   Menu

Hidden atop Dempsey Hill, this culinary wonderland offers to take you on an adventure that ends perfectly, with their Milo tiramisu! The addition of Milo adds a refreshing yet familiar touch to this Italian dessert, which has become a hit among Singaporeans.

Morsels’ Signature TiraMISO: $16

4. Ninethirty by Awfully Chocolate

East Coast  •   Menu

This might not be the most affordable tiramisu, but it is totally worth the occasional splurge. Imagine layers of mascarpone cheese, Italian sponge fingers soaked in coffee and coffee liqueur, topped with dark chocolate cake and chocolate sabayon. The result? An impeccable treat.

Chocolate Tiramisu: $19.90

5. Da Paolo Dempsey Restaurant

Dempsey  •   Menu

Best enjoyed after a delightful meal of pasta and pizzas, Da Paolo’s Classic Tiramisu topped with luxurious Valrhona chocolate will work wonders on your taste buds. Rich, creamy and indulgent, you won’t be able to stop at just one spoonful.

Classic Tiramisu: $9.90

6. La Stella by Tamaya

Orchard  •   Menu

For a casual, fuss free feast filled with all your favourite Italian comfort food, La Stella by Tamaya is a must-try! Be sure to save some space for their traditional tiramisu filled with marsala, coffee and rum - a delicious and sweet way to end your meal.

Tiramisu: $14

7. Supply & Demand

Orchard, Esplanade  •   Menu

Love a good boozy version? Supply and Demand’s S&D Italian Style Tiramisu comes with not one, but two types of liqueur so you know it’s gonna be lit. We recommend having it all to yourself, because one is definitely not enough.

S&D Italian Style Tiramisu: $14

8. Dopo Teatro

Esplanade  •   Menu

If you’re up for a refreshing fusion of Italian and Japanese, Dopo Teatro is the place for you. Their Signature Tiramisu topped off with little balls of espresso caviar, has a faint hint of alcohol, which is great for those who aren’t a fan of the boozy version.

Dopo Teatro Signature Tiramisu: $16

9. Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar

Bugis  •   Menu

You can’t go wrong with tiramisu at the Michelin-starred Garibaldi. This fluffy delight made from a nostalgic family recipe, is beautifully elevated with a dose of Amaretto liqueur that will give you a nice kick of booze.

Tiramisù di Mamma Bice: $20

10. L'Atelier Tiramisu

Orchard, Clarke Quay  

If you absolutely love tiramisu, you’ve got to make L’Atelier Tiramisu your go-to place. Dedicated solely to this Italian dessert, this tiramisu haven is known for their unique flavours such as lavender earl grey, lychee, dark cherry, matcha and more!

Brulee Tiramisu: $7.50

11. Maccha House

Multiple Locations  

You don’t have to be a matcha fan to love Maccha House’s matcha tiramisu. With 10,000 servings sold globally each day in Kyoto, this famous Maccha Tiramisu is the real deal. Light, delicate and silky, it’s no surprise that their customers are seriously infatuated with this dessert.

Maccha Tiramisu: $7.99

12. 1925 Brewing Co

Joo Chiat  

They say never judge a book by its cover, and here’s why. This unassuming cup of tiramisu by 1925 Brewing Co is a bomb bursting with a euphoric mix of flavours! Every spoonful is a heavenly mix of cheese, espresso cocoa, dark sea salt chocolate and coffee liqueur.

Tiramisu: $12