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Dish of the Month - Xiao Long Bao | Chope Restaurant Reservation

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They often say, "the more expensive, the better". But does that really hold true? From October to December, we compare your all-time favourite dishes at different price points, and let you decide for yourself what's value for money!

This month, we're all about the juicy, and oh-so delicious Xiao Long Bao! With minced pork and delicious broth enveloped in a translucent dumpling skin, you can find this world-famous dumpling in many cities worldwide.

From the affordable and flavour-packed options at hawker centre stalls to decadent and indulgent choices at fine dining restaurants, this Shanghai speciality and perennial favourite is a must-order on any menu, and we invite you to join us in unconvering the steaming baskets of this delectable treat!

Did You Know?



To protect and promote the cultural heritage of the dish, Xiao Long Bao was added to Shanghai's list of protected traditional treasures in 2006.



The dish was likely invented in the 1870s, when gelatin made from a meat stock was added into minced pork for the dumplings. Upon steaming, the gelatin liquifies into a delicious broth.



A man sampled the dish in 52 restaurants in Shanghai over a year, and created the Shanghai Soup Dumpling Index.



There are supposed to be 14 pleats on each Xiao Long Bao, which seals the dumpling intricately. Some chefs still adhere to this standard religiously.


Post a photo of your Xiao Long Bao (yes, any XLB!) on Instagram and hashtag #ChopeSG #ChopeDOTM to stand a chance to win a $50 voucher to Yum Cha Restaurant 飲茶酒樓!

How much would you pay?

Find out what's the difference between these Xiao Long Baos!

Blue Lotus

Ah Wang La Mian Xiao Long Bao

River Valley

PRICE: $0.65 per piece

Some may think a 65 cents-per-piece XLB may be "cheap", but the ones served at this little stall tucked away at Zion Riverside Food Centre is anything but. Value for money, outstanding quality, and with a chill riverside vibe to boot, how can we complain?


Multiple Locations

PRICE: $1.60 per piece

Pop by one of the outlets of this much-loved Dim Sum haven, and have a taste of their juicy Xiao Long Baos and other dim sum favourites. Be sure to make a reservation before heading down, 'cause we hear the snaking queues are never-ending!

Madame Fan

The NCO Club

PRICE: $3.30 per piece

Fitted with English-style lighting and lush gold accents, this posh restaurant oozes subtle opulence and elegance. Don't know what we're talking about? Try their Xiao Long Baos for yourself and you'll know what we mean.

Lunch Menu

For more steaming good Xiao Long Baos

Find out where to get your fix!

Cherry Garden

Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

Find yourself transported to another dimension at this stunning restaurant, as you walk through their striking antique doorway and taste some of the finest Cantonese Dim Sum and delights!

A La Carte Dim Sum Menu

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Multiple Locations

If you've never been to Crystal Jade's La Mian Xiao Long Bao concept, you're truly missing out. Reinventing the classic with flavours like Salted Egg Yolk, Chilli Crab, and Mushroom, this popular eatery has got us all daydreaming about XLBs all day long.

Mouth Restaurant

38 Maxwell Road

Established in 1989, this family-friendly restaurant is no stranger to the Dim Sum trade. There's simply no other place to have some affordable, quality, and innovative Dim Sum plates!

Dim Sum Menu

No Signboard Seafood (VivoCity)


If you didn't know they serve dim sum, now you do! Only available at the VivoCity outlet, their Dim Sum selections are equally as good as their famed seafood dishes!

Dim Sum Menu

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

If you catch yourself in Orchard and craving some Xiao Long Bao goodness, you know where to go. Impeccably prepared, trust us when we say you won't be disappointed!

Dim Sum Menu

Yan at National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore

With a plethora of Cantonese dishes made to perfection, this elegant restaurant's Xiao Long Baos and Dim Sum delights are guaranteed to be the perfect little treats after a day wondering about the museum.

Dim Sum Menu

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