Dish of the Month November 2021

Dish of the Month November - Acai | Chope

Keep your cool, we’re talking all things açai in our November’s Dish of the Month!

Unlike its tiny size, the açai has a large following - it’s a nutrient-packed superfood loved by many for reasons ranging from health properties, to simply its delicious taste. Imagine snacking on a cool açai bowl on a warm & humid afternoon, oh we’re starting to drool!

Be it a cult classic or an under-the-radar star, we’ve rounded up our berry top spots below.


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9 Must-Try Açai Spots

1. Afterglow

Keong Saik  •   Menu

Championing a plant-based diet, it’s no surprise seeing açai on Afterglow’s menu. To describe their Açai Bowl in 3 words - refreshing, balanced, and indulgent. It is a rustic blend of quality açai, raw muesli mix, fresh seasonal fruits, raw berry purée, and more. True to the saying “quality over quantity”, the singular Açai Bowl is more than enough to leave patrons with an afterglow despite the limited açai-based options available.

Acai Bowl: $15

2. W Acai

City Hall, Paya Lebar  

An açai-specialty store located in mainly heartland malls, W Açai doesn’t mess around when it comes to affordability & convenience, all without compromise on flavour. A few witty-named açai bowls include Cookie Monster (topped with bananas and cookie butter sauce), Supermodel (topped with berries, pumpkin seeds, granola, almonds), amongst a few others. Each option is sure to leave you feeling satisfied!

Cookie Monster: $6.80

3. Super Loco Robertson Quay

Robertson Quay  •   Menu

Here’s a treat for the early risers! For an idyllic açai-by-the-river experience, swing by Super Loco. Their Açai Bowl comprises of an açai & guayana sorbet base, topped with bite-sized fruits, quinoa, and agave syrup drizzle - well-balanced in sweetness & texture. And for those looking for an alternative to the norm, the Frozen Açai Blueberry Margarita is not one to be missed either. Either way, we recommend you just go loco at Super Loco as it’s all delicioso!

Acai Bowl: $15

4. An Açaí Affair

Multiple Outlets  •   Menu

A fierce contender in Singapore’s açai scene - An Açaí Affair sure knows how to whip up a mean açai bowl, and so can you! Besides its 9 signature açai bowls such as the Triple A (we’d give this bowl a Triple A rating in honour of its name) and Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia, patrons can choose to create a personalised bowl entirely based on individual preferences. All it takes is 5 simple steps - pick a size, base, fruits, superfood toppings, sauce drizzle, and your DIY bowl is ready!

Triple A: $6.70

5. Project Açaí

Multiple Outlets  •   Menu

Project Açaí is by no means a stranger to locals. Pioneering the açai cafe scene, they have outlets located across the country for a quick açai fix whenever the craving calls for it. Priding itself on addictive Sambazon organic açai, make your selection between their signature menu items - açai bowls and smoothies. Equally tasty as it is healthy, the Original Flower Bowl is deservedly a top-seller with creamy açai base that pairs delightfully with various toppings including other superfoods like chia seeds and bee pollen.

Original Flower Bowl: $7.20

6. HÅAKON Superfoods and Juice

Multiple Outlets  •   Menu

HÅAKON rides on the superfood wave in serving various nourishing dishes, including a dedicated açai bowl section on its menu. Our top pick? The Classic Açai Bowl hits just the right spot to satisfy that craving. With thick açai blend & chia seed parfait at its base, it is then layered on with seasonal fruits, granola, blueberries, and coconut flakes. For something as delightful as this, it’s easy to choose between a small or large bowl!

Classic Açai Bowl: $7.90

7. Coocaça

Multiple Outlets  •   Menu

Are your hunger pangs calling for a bowl of açai? Then head over to Coocaça for some great açai creations! Available on the menu are açai bowls, açai smoothies, fruit smoothies, sweet bakes, and soft serve. With that, Cooçaca ticks all the right boxes when it comes to serving delectable sweet treats. We recommend giving the Pura Vida Açai Bowl a try for a solid yet basic bowl, or the Acai Soft Serve for a casual treat on the go.

Pura Vida Açai Bowl: $12.50

8. Absolute Açaí

Novena  •   Menu

Calling all wellness warriors on a budget to gather at Absolute Açaí! It’s a no-brainer that açai is at the heart of what they offer. With an entire menu dedicated solely to the berry goodness, açai bowls go for as low as $5.90 for a small Brazilian Bowl of granola, banana, coconut flakes and honey drizzle, and run no higher than $15.50 for a lavishly large Signature Bowl. Meanwhile, take a look out for the pure açai smoothies too!

Brazilian Bowl: $5.90

9. NOVO Acai & Granola

Multiple Outlets  •   Menu

If you’re looking for a taste of love, we’d say that Novo’s Cups are pretty much love at first bite. Introducing ‘Our Everything’, Novo’s signature 7-fruits cup, a multi-hued all-in-one wonder of granola, açai, sauce, signature granola, and more. Other Novo’s Cups include The Naked Man, TAF Club, and other equally creative-sounding labels. Available in The Bedok Marketplace & New Tech Park, Novo is a go-to açai bar for those living around the area, and worth travelling for!

Our Everything: $11.50