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From Hotpot to Melting Pot

Food trends and fads come and go, but Hotpot—which saw a surge in popularity over the decade here—seems determined to stay as a staple in every Singaporeans’ diet.

What started out as a relatively easy-to-prepare meal with ingredients set around a pot of broth has now become an elaborate affair, with the introduction of soup bases like Mala, Tomato, Green Pepper, and even… Coriander. In true Singaporean fashion, the hotpot culture here has also been refashioned and redefined, and one can now find places that serve Japanese or Thai-styled pots, and even those that cater to Halal diners.

Hate queueing for hours just to get a table at Hai Di Lao or Beauty in A Pot? We’re presenting to you 10 under-the-radar and underrated Hotpot places you should try to curb your addiction.


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1. Taikoo Lane Hotpot 太古里火锅

Chinatown Point

Tucked away in a corner at the basement of Chinatown Point, this sister-restaurant of Cheng Du at Amoy Street showcases the very best of Canton and Sichuan flavours. Offering individual and larger sharing pots, you get to choose from 9 soup bases which include flavours like Green Pepper, Golden Salted Egg, and Fish Soup Broth with Milk. Don’t miss out on unique dishes like the Stellar-1 Pork Ribs, which is guaranteed to be a feast for both the eyes and tummy!

Green Peppers Soup Broth: From $4


2. City Hot Pot Shabu Shabu

Multiple Outlets

With 2 locations at Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar, this no-gimmick and sophisticated hotpot joint is all about quality ingredients and good service. Choose from over 12 soup bases with unique flavours like the Korean Kimchi, Prawn Soup, and even Bak Kut Teh! This is easily the hot pot restaurant to go to after work when you’re craving for something comforting and soupy!

Bak Kut Teh: $7.99

Dinner Menu

3. Coca Restaurants

Multiple Outlets

If you and your gang all love Coriander, then this is without a doubt, THE place to go. Hailing from the Land of Smiles, this Bangkok-based hotpot chain offers probably Singapore’s only Coriander-flavoured soup base, and seamlessly melds Thai and Cantonese flavours to bring you a hotpot experience unlike any other. Don’t forget to try their special recipe chilli dip!

Coriander Pot

A La Carte Menu

4. Little Sheep Hot Pot

Multiple Outlets

Hotpot without dipping sauces? You’d be surprised at how you won’t even miss it at Little Sheep, which comes from Inner Mongolia. Having taken China by storm with their innovative concept, their amazingly rich broth which is boiled for hours with mutton and a myriad of spices has been a signature for over 18 years. Try it to believe it!

Signature White Soup: From $9

5. LongQing

18 Hong Kong Street

The area around HongKong Street houses some of Singapore’s coolest restaurants, and that’s no different for LongQing, where concrete walls and street-style murals perfectly complement edgy metal and wood furnishings. The star here for us though, is the “Shark’s Fin” Melon Herbal Soup. Made by repurposing melon to resemble the texture of Shark’s Fin, it also features flavours from 10 Chinese herbs to help build the immunity of your lungs!

“Shark’s Fin” Melon Herbal Soup: $17


6. Tong Xin Ru Yi Hotpot

6 Lor Telok

Located amongst the buzzing bars of Clarke Quay, this upscale and well-appointed hotpot restaurant has managed to gather a loyal following since it opened just last year. Taking traditional hotpot up a notch, here you can find an array of soup bases like the Catfish with Spicy Soup, Tomato Oxtail Soup, and a menu that features quality meats and ingredients like the Japanese Wagyu, Premium Eight Second Beef, and Abalone.

Catfish with Spicy Soup: $48


Different Hotpots?

1. Wagyu More

Bugis Junction

The more, the better! Popular hotpot chain Wagyu More has finally landed on our shores. Originating from Hong Kong, their first outpost in Singapore is located at Bugis Junction, and allows diners to tuck into a wide array of quality ingredients, and choose from over 10 varieties of soup bases! With wallet-friendly-prices, quality selections, and free-flow meats, there’s no surprise why the queues are always never-ending, so make a reservation before heading down!

Kimchi Soup


2. Suki-Ya

Multiple Outlets

No stranger to the local hotpot scene, there’s a reason why this no-frills Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu buffet spot is so widely popular—it’s both affordable and delicious! Choose from a variety of soup bases with some seasonal specials, but we recommend getting a portion of the Sukiyaki Soup that’s perfect for dipping! Be sure to make a reservation too, because queues are a guarantee during peak meal times!

Sukiyaki Soup


3. Aroy-Dee Thai Kitchen

Multiple Outlets

If you haven’t tried Mookata, then you’re truly missing out on the best of both worlds. Combining the best of hotpot and BBQ, tuck into a hearty and sizzling feast with ingredients like beef, pork, enoki mushroom, seafood, and more at this cosy restaurant with 2 locations around town. The best part? They open till late so you can get your cravings sated at any time!

Mookata Set for 2: $22.39

4. Jinshangyipin Buffet Hot Pot

Eastpoint Mall

This is for our Halal friends! Always wished to try hotpot, but can never find a good Halal spot in town? Look no further, because we hear this spot at Eastpoint Mall serves up some delicious and authentic hotpot for Halal diners. With individual pots, you get to choose from 5 different soup bases, and there’s even a BBQ grill for you to enjoy grilled meats and vegetables!

Hotpot Buffet: From $22.90