Dish of the Month March 2021

Dish of the Month March - Coffee | Chope

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Bring on the caffeine!

Ah, coffee. There’s just something magical about the wafting aroma of coffee beans in the morning, that will cheer you up even if you aren’t a morning person. Coffee is such a huge part of our everyday lives, and words cannot espresso how much we love it!

If you’re like us and are a self-proclaimed coffee fanatic and survive on a diet of caffeine, we’ve absolutely got you covered. This March, we’ve got an exciting list of some of the best specialty coffees and brews that will perk all you coffee addicts up instantly! While we do love our budget kopi, we can’t say no to a refreshing bottle of Cold Brew or a nice warm cup of freshly brewed specialty coffee.


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1. Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar

Tanglin Post Office

Located just a stone’s throw away from the bustling Orchard Road, is Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar, a family-friendly brunch cafe. With great coffee made with coffee beans from Liberty Coffee that are 100% arabica and proudly roasted in Singapore, as well as scrumptious food like their Chili Crab Pasta, this is definitely the place to go for a relaxing brunch. You can also enjoy 30% OFF when you purchase our vouchers from ChopeDeals!

Recommended by @diana_7lim

Brunch Menu

2. Oriole Coffee + Bar

96 Somerset Road

With a loyal following for their handcrafted coffee, Oriole Coffee + Bar is no stranger in the coffee scene. Relish in the culinary artistry of their chefs and baristas as you savour cafe classics and gourmet coffee. Some of their signature homemade coffees include Taisho coffee, Death Cream and M.A.D. Milk which offers something different from all your usual brews!

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3. The Community Coffee

Far East Plaza

Nestled among the many rows of shops at Far East Plaza, lies one of the most affordable coffees in town - The Community Coffee. This small shop is all about coffee and giving back to the community, as proceeds from their coffee sales are donated to different charities. More than that, they also source for green coffees from businesses that focus on quality, transparency and social responsibility. So, the next time you’re in town looking for a quiet spot with a good cuppa, you know where to go!

Recommended by @renhishiwo

4. Sarnies Cafe

136 Telok Ayer Street

Best known as the place to go for delicious, quality cafe staples, Sarnies has proven to have as much substance as it has style. Nominated by City Nomads for Best Coffee Roasters, coffee addicts will surely fall in love with the quality brews, especially their cold brews. Not sure what to do during the weekends? Bring your pet and grab a cuppa as you chill in their pet-friendly alfresco area! Be sure to book your tables early to avoid any disappointment.

Dinner Menu

5. Alchemist

Multiple Outlets

For something a little retro and vintage, take a trip down to Alchemist’s first flagship store at Khong Guan’s former biscuit factory. With just a simple menu offering mainly espresso-based or pour over coffee, it is a must to try their Iced Oat Latte with Dark Matter Blend. Bold, balanced and full of body, you’ll be completely energized after this amazing cuppa! Be sure to check out their newest outlet at The Mill (also known as the Batman building) for a Victorian vibe.

Recommended by Hedy Lim

6. The Lokal

136 Neil Road

Get a taste of Australia at The Lokal, a cozy restaurant-bar serving homemade comfort Aussie food. If you love a good breakfast, remember to try their Pimp My Breakfast, which allows you to customize your own breakfast platter! Finish up your breakfast with something smooth and not overwhelmingly sweet, like their made-to-order White Cold Brew. You can also get a bang for your buck and enjoy 10% OFF with ChopeDeals!

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7. The Populus Coffee & Food Co.

146 Neil Road

Calling all coffee and tea enthusiasts! We’ve found your sanctuary at The Populus Coffee and Food Co. Located along Neil Road, this cafe was birthed due from a collaboration between the Department of Caffeine and local specialty coffee roasters 2Degrees North Coffee Co. This gastro-cafe not only serves a mouth-watering spread of brunch staples, but also boasts an extensive coffee menu!

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8. Tolido's Espresso Nook

462 Crawford Lane

No stranger to the brunch scene, Tolido’s Espresso Nook is well known for their artisan coffee, latte art and serving brunch food with a local twist. Despite not having any business experience, co-founder and head barista, Douglas Tan, transformed his family’s snack store into this coffee heaven at the age of 20! So, come and get your coffee fill and be sure to try some of their signatures like Orange Mocha and Sea Salt Caramel Latte!

Recommended by @jlinisme

9. Craftsmen Specialty Coffee

Multiple Outlets

Craving for a good ol’ hearty brunch? Stop by Craftsmen Specialty Coffee for some aromatic coffee and scrumptious brunch classics! Using only single origin coffee beans from the best grower among the world, don’t forget to try their Ice Blend Coconut Espresso for something tropical and refreshing to beat the crazy heat.

Recommended by Nicol Ong

10. Apartment Coffee

161 Lavender St

If you’re all about coffee and aesthetics, we urge you to pop by Apartment Coffee for an exceptional coffee experience in this white, spacious minimalist space. With their beans served seasonally and an interesting menu featuring different types of speciality beans, this is truly a paradise for all coffee lovers! Quoted as one of the best coffee places in Singapore, remember to try their filter coffee for an aromatic burst of flavours.

Recommended by Vanessa Caitlin Jayne

11. Heap Seng Leong

10 North Bridge Rd

Heap Seng Leong - a heritage treasure selling the most authentic old school coffee, Kopi Gu You (coffee with butter). You’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into the 70’s with the coffee shop's extremely old school setting, from the rustic-looking walls all the way to the old school tidbit containers. Their opening hours have unfortunately shortened due to COVID-19 but they’re not giving up and are still going strong! So, do pop by this traditional coffee shop for a taste of nostalgia!

Recommended by Gabriel Tham

12. Thus Coffee

4 Jalan Kuras

Tucked away in a charming neighbourhood along Jalan Kuras is Thus Coffee, a quaint cafe serving up affordable good food and coffee with NETT pricing! If you’re an espresso addict who also loves matcha, you can get the best of both worlds with Green Shot - an unlikely fusion that will have you coming back for seconds!



1. Flash Coffee

Multiple Outlets

Need a morning pick me up? Pop by the Indonesian-based coffee chain, Flash Coffee and get your coffee fix with their 1-for-1 Coffee at $6.80!

2. Paris Baguette

Multiple Outlets

Grab your buddy and indulge in all things premium with Paris Baguette, as you enjoy their 1-for-1 Cold Brew at $6.50!

3. Lalune Croissant

313 Somerset

For all you sweet tooths out there, it’s time to sink your teeth into some freshly-baked buttery croissants paired with a cup of $1 coffee, which is only available with ChopeDeals!