Dish of the Month July 2022

Dish of the Month July 2022 - Curry | Chope

Kick things up a notch with a dash of spice and everything nice on July’s Dish of the Month - Curry!

Sometimes spicy, sometimes sweet, but always delicious, it’s the ultimate spice of life. Be it Indian, Thai, or the many other curry variations in existence, we’re lucky to be home to some of the best curry spots in town!


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Best Curry Spots in Singapore

1. Muthu's Curry

Little India  •   Menu  •  $$

On the Michelin Bib Gourmand’s list, you’ll find a humble eatery - Muthu’s Curry. Arguably one of the OGs in the scene to have popularised the nation’s now-beloved Fish Head Curry, its version is a South-Indian style fresh fish doused in aromatic gravy made with a secret blend of spices.

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2. Monster Curry

Multiple Locations  •   Menu  •  $$

A classic found in heartland malls all over the city, Monster Curry’s a go-to spot for locals on the prowl for monster-sized portions of Japanese curry rice. Their demi-glace curry is made with 14 different vegetables & spices, and comes in 6 spice levels for a little customisation action!

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3. Jim Thompson

Dempsey  •   Menu  •  $$$

It’s safe to say that you’ve come to the right place for authentic Thai cuisine when there’s a team of Thai chefs helming the kitchen. Nestled in the serene Dempsey Hill, Jim Thompson offers a wide variety of curry-based dishes and a separate menu to cater to those on a vegetarian diet.

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4. Dum Pukht Grill & Curry

Boat Quay  •   Menu  •  $$$

Chock-full of aromatic spices alongside a breezy view by the waterfront, Dum Pukht Grill & Curry sure knows how to curry our favour! Specialising in a traditional slow-cooking style, ingredients & spices are amplified to create rich flavours that we’ve come to know and love.

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5. Zaffron Kitchen

Multiple Locations  •   Menu  •  $$$

Another on the list awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand, Zaffron Kitchen serves stellar North Indian cuisine at an affordable price point. Best part is, this multi-outlet restaurant is located all around town, perfect for when your heart (or belly) craves for a warm serving of curry!

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6. Kotuwa

Little India  •   Menu  •  $$$$

At Kotuwa, you’ll find that curry is ever-present on its menu. Serving a variety of scrumptious fare, its acclaimed recipes are inspired by the Sri Lankan capital’s vibrant district of Kotuwa. Highlights worth checking out include their Crab Curry, Kaju Curry, and Lamb Shank!

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7. Rang Mahal

City Hall  •   Menu  •  $$$$

Rang Mahal’s long-standing history & trove of dining awards under its belt are testaments to its standard of excellence. Established in 1971, this fine dining restaurant serves unpretentious & exemplary Indian fare with modern flair, including great curry dishes!

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8. Un-Yang-Kor-Dai

Boat Quay  •   Menu  •  $$$

At Un-Yang-Kor-Dai, you’ll find the best of Thai Isaan fare - often known for its rich, spicy, and flavourful dishes that are most importantly, delicious. There’s no lack of curry dishes here with highlights such as Stir-Fried Soft Shell Crab in Curry Sauce and Massaman Curry with Chicken.

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9. Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant

Multiple Locations  •   Menu  •  $$

Throwing in a little Peranakan cuisine to the mix, Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant stands as Singapore’s oldest Nonya restaurant, established in 1953. Without a doubt, you can count on their Ikan Kepala Assam Curry (Curry Fish Head) to be a delicious wonder!

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10. Ambling Turtle

East Coast  •   Menu  •  $$

You won’t find your regular curry chicken at modern-Peranakan cafe, Ambling Turtle. Instead, their Nyonya Curry Chicken Croissant comprises curry chicken chunks, buttery croissants, and achar side. Extra points to this cafe for its stunning aesthetics & cosy vibes!

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11. Doris's Devilishly Delicious Curry

Beach Road  •  $$

Doris’s Devilishly Delicious Curry lives up to its name with spicy (or mild) Curry Debal. Coated in a pool of striking red curry are chunks of meaty pork & chicken sausages flavoured with candlenuts, galangal, and other spices in the mix - based on the founder’s grandma’s recipe!

12. Curry Times

Multiple Locations  •  $$

Brought to you by the same folks behind Old Chang Kee, welcome halal-certified curry-themed restaurant, Curry Times. Expect wholesome home-cooked inspired meals with their savoury Signature Curry Chicken Set with rice or bread, plus an extra drink of the day at only $9.90 on Chope!