Dish of the Month July 2021

Dish of the Month July - Sushi | Chope

It’s a widely known fact that most Singaporeans are sushi-obsessed fans. And with a myriad of Japanese restaurants popping up all over Singapore one after the other, it can be hard to suss out the best of the best.

Which is why we’ve put together an exciting list of 15 Best Sushi Spots for all you diehard sushi enthusiasts, who can never get enough of this dish. From casual conveyor belt options to upscale spots, here are some of the best places you can get your sushi/sashimi fix at.


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15 Best Sushi Spots in Singapore

1. Mitsuba Japanese Restaurant

Price range:

Sushi with a view? Yes please. Located right in the heart of Clarke Quay lies Mitsuba, a vibrant authentic Japanese restaurant that offers a premium Japanese buffet with over 150 items! Signature dishes like Temaki, Maki Mono, and Ipin Mono make it quite hard to pick a favorite so do what we do and order them all.

Maki Mono: $12
Recommended by @jorchow

2. Koji Sushi Bar

Price range:

If you love a good omakase, Koji Sushi Bar is the place for you. This trendy and casual sushi and sashimi-only joint focuses on quality produce and efficient service which is perfect for those working in the CBD area.

Assorted Nigiri Sushi: From $9
Recommended by @satok777

3. Genki Sushi

Price range:

Known for their affordable plates of sushi being delivered on trains, it’s no wonder why Genki Sushi is one of the most popular sushi spots in Singapore! Convenient, fast and satisfying, we totally understand why people wouldn’t mind the long snaking queues during dinner time.

Salmon Mentai Sushi: $2.90
Recommended by @thrastagram and 19 others

4. Sushiro Singapore

Price range:

As one of the largest chains in Japan, Sushiro boasts over 100 varieties of sushi, so it’s no surprise that all sushi lovers were overjoyed when they opened their first outlet in Singapore! With two conveyor belts and extremely efficient service, this is truly sushi paradise for all.

Young Yellowtail Sushi: $3.20
Recommended by @jacqtanzj and 24 others

5. The Sushi Bar

Price range:

Don’t be fooled by the simple decor and dim lighting, The Sushi Bar is a well known joint for all things sushi and sashimi. Be sure to try their Salmon Aburi Roll for a burst of flavours and textures that will have your taste buds tingling in excitement!

Salmon Aburi Roll: $16.90
Recommended by @emelintan

6. En Sushi

Price range:

On the prowl for premium sushi at wallet-friendly prices? En Sushi’s got you covered with their well-executed sashimi and maki rolls priced at $20 and below. They also provide an atypical sashimi selection, where seasonal fishes are air-flown in on a daily basis so that customers get nothing but the best!

Unagi Ebi Aburi Maki: $18.90
Recommended by @qytung

7. Tomo Izakaya

Price range:

Relax and unwind over sushi and sakes at this chic and minimalist Japanese spot. Get ready for the freshest sushi because Tomo Izakaya gets their ingredients air-flown straight from Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji Market, which means all their ingredients showcase the best of the seasons. What’s even better is that you can enjoy 30% off when you buy our vouchers on ChopeDeals!

Salmon Oyako Volcano: $18

8. sen-ryo Singapore

Price range:

As the new kid on the block, sen-ryo Singapore offers a variety of premium but pocket-friendly creations that promise affordable luxury at its best. With edgy decor and trendy vibes, expect nothing but an exquisite Japanese dining experience that will leave you wanting more.

Maguro with Shio Koji Negitoro: $6.80

9. Chura Sushi Bar

Price range:

Newly opened in July, Chura Sushi Bar is one to watch out for. Chura literally means beautiful in Okinawa, which makes sense because all their dishes are 100% Instagram-worthy. Beautiful, delicate and elegant, their sushi definitely tastes as good as it looks.

Chura Signature Roll: $25.80
Recommended by @racheltrx

10. Takeshi-San

Price range:

It’s all about the rolls here at Takeshi-San! Go all out and satiate your sushi cravings with their Sushi Kaidan Sets which are aesthetically plated with different pieces of sushi on a small wooden staircase. You can also enjoy 50% off these beautiful Kaidan Sets when you buy our vouchers on ChopeDeals!

Sushi Kaidan Set: $29.90 (1-for-1)

11. Sushi Jin

Price range:

It’s time to treat yourself to some top quality sushi at Sushi Jin! Indulge in the supreme freshness of their ingredients as you sink your teeth into a wide array of sushi, maki, sashimi and many more without having to pay a hefty price. Top notch sushi and a price savvy menu - what’s not to love?

Ootoro Sushi: $32

12. Kinki Restaurant

Price range:

Boasting knockout views of MBS, Kinki Restaurant is back to wow the crowds with their inventive Mod-Japanese cuisine. This new and revamped edgy bar is all about creating bold and refreshing dishes, so if you’re up for a culinary adventure, this would be the perfect place for you.

Golden Age Rock & Roll: $30

13. Shinji by Kanesaka

Price range:

Known as one of the best sushi restaurants in Singapore, this Michelin starred restaurant is like no other. Shinji by Kanesaka serves sashimi and sushi at the most superior quality which will instantly transport you straight to the streets of Japan.

Edomae Sushi Set: $220

14. Ki-Sho

Price range:

Here’s where art meets Japanese cuisine. Located right in the heart of town, Ki-sho is an exquisite dining spot where craftsmanship is the number one priority. It’s a culinary showcase which starts from the decor, to the plates and of course, to the seasonal ingredients.

Taihaku: $250
Recommended by @terrpang

15. Sushi Kou

Price range:

Calling all devoted sushi fans, this is definitely a place you need to add to your sushi wishlist. At Sushi Kou, the chefs plan omakase menus around the seasonal catch of that week, thus making each omakase experience uniquely different. You might need to wait for months before getting a reservation, so remember to start booking early!

15-course Kou Menu: $450