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Dish 1 at Warget Bahagia
Dish 2 at Warget Bahagia
Drink 1 at Warget Bahagia
Drink 2 at Warget Bahagia
Drink 3 at Warget Bahagia
Drink 4 at Warget Bahagia
Ambience 1 at Warget Bahagia
Ambience 2 at Warget Bahagia
Ambience 3 at Warget Bahagia
Ambience 4 at Warget Bahagia
Ambience 5 at Warget Bahagia

Warget Bahagia

Hidden bar with a convenient non-bar “Warteg '' concept

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  • Location

    Kebayoran Baru, Dharmawangsa

  • Address

    Jalan Panglima Polim No.127
    Kebayoran Baru
    Jakarta 12160 Map


    $$ (Rp 100.000 - 250.000)


Warget is a concept mixing both traditional ‘warteg’ with speakeasy bar established in December 2019  that is content with local and commercial entertainment from Indonesian ‘guilty pleasure’ songs to disco house music. Warget offers its targeted audience from 17-35 year ...More


Local Pride, Local Joy, Tropical Pride, Tropical Joy, Jeruk Wadaw, Kopi Geter, Guldis


Duo SojuliWhen: Mon-SunTime: 5pm-8pmPrice: Jinro buy two only at Rp 300,000++Merem MelekWhen: Mon-SunTime: All-dayPrice: Jeruk wadaw and kopi geter 6 shots at Rp 100,000++Slow-QWhen: Mon-ThuTime: All-dayPrice: - 3 Tequila at Rp 200,000++- 5 Tequila at Rp 350,000++Terkawa Terbahak BahakWhen: Sun ...More

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