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Wa Chu Want

Asian hawker restaurant & bar by Swillfam Group

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  • Cuisine


  • Menus

    Food Menu Bar Menu

  • Hours

    Mon-Sun: 6pm-12am


    $$ (Rp 100.000 - 250.000)

  • Location


  • Address

    SOHO Building Ground Floor
    Jalan Gunawarman No. 61
    Kebayoran Baru
    Jakarta Map

  • Good For

    Drinks, Bar & Lounge, Live Music

  • Serves

    Dinner, Supper


With a bold name like Wa Chu Want, you'd expect you could get anything you want, and you'd be right. From comfort food to strong drinks, Wa Chu Want has it all. Here you’ll find all kinds of interesting pairings, but their hawker comfort food is at the heart of it. You can order their signature Du ...More


Duck Chu Need, Nasi Goreng Siram Bebek, Mie Bebek, Wonton Noodle

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