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    Bar Area at K22 (Fairmont Hotel)
    Picture 1 at K22 (Fairmont Hotel)
    Alcohol Drink at K22 (Fairmont Hotel)
    Alcohol at K22 (Fairmont Hotel)
    Dining 1 at K22 (Fairmont Hotel)
    Dining 2 at K22 (Fairmont Hotel)
    Dining 3 at K22 (Fairmont Hotel)

    K22 Terrace Bar (Fairmont Jakarta)

    Rooftop Bar at Fairmont Hotel Jakarta

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    • Location


    • Address

      Fairmont Jakarta
      Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8, Gelora
      Tanah Abang
      Jakarta 10270 Map

    • PRICE

      $$$ (Rp 250.000 - 400.000)


    Offering spectacular views of the Senayan (Central Jakarta) city skyline with service that is meticulous and unobtrusive, K22 at Fairmont Hotel Jakarta exudes an ambience that is dynamic, chic and stylish. This enticing bar offers creative ‘Culinary Cocktails’ and unique presentations. Bringing in ...More

    Reviews - what influencers say

    "K22 Bar is an ideal choice for a relaxing night out with myriad creative and tasty drinks on offer. From culinary cocktails to house-made infusions to earthy spices and fresh ingredients, the bar also offers mouthwatering finger foods that are meant to be shared. Fun fact: the talented mixologists ...More

    Dishes we love

    K22 Tomahawk, Bikini Sandwich, Rendang Slider, Vegan Burger, Rigatoni Truffle Carbonara

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