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Hamburger at Burgreens (The Breeze)
Dish 1 at Burgreens (The Breeze)
Dish 2 at Burgreens (The Breeze)
Vegan Rendang Platter at Burgreens (The Breeze)
Smoothie at Burgreens (The Breeze)
Ambience 1 at Burgreens (The Breeze)
Ambience 2 at Burgreens (The Breeze)

Burgreens (The Breeze)

Delicious, healthy, compassionate and environmentally sustainable fare at The Breeze

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  • Location


  • Address

    The Breeze Unit L16, Jalan BSD Green Office Park No.21
    Tangerang Map

  • Good For

    Casual Dining, Kid Friendly, Large Parties (9 ), Family Dining, Brunch

  • Serves

    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Burgreens is an organic healthy eatery specialized in delicious plant-based dishes. Their specialty includes veggie burgers, warm nourishing desserts with oriental & local flavor, smoothies, shakes, and gluten-free desserts. A socially conscious and eco-conscious restaurant, Burgreens sources most o ...More


"With the tagline “I taste so naughty but am actually healthy”, Burgreens does not only serve vegetarian food, but it is also one of the few places where you can get organic raw menu such as Tofu Burgreens, Raw Kale Pizza, to Raw Pad Thai. Chef Max Mandias, founder and a certified raw food chef fo ...More


Vegan Rendang Platter, Vegan Hotdog, Burgreens Steak, Max Caesar Salad Wrap

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