Feast of The month

Feast of the Month

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Every month, Chope zeros in on a feast for the senses. Taking you on a gastronomic trip through a dish, cuisine, or spread, we give you the lowdown on what’s hot in Jakarta.

Ahh... the month of love is here! This February, we’re zooming in on the king of carbs: Pasta. Whether you're here for ideas on how to impress your Valentine or you simply just love pasta - get ready and loosen those waistbands!

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Did you know?


Spaghetto is the singular word for spaghetti.

600 types of pasta!

Pasta Types

Mafaldine and Paccheri are some lesser known examples.

Chef's Tip

Chef Tip

If pasta is cooked properly,
it should stick to a wall when thrown.

Historical Fact


In the 19th century, pasta was traditionally eaten by hand.


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PRICE: Rp 100.000 - 250.000

Liberta is a hidden gem in Jakarta’s busiest district, Sudirman. Located below the residences at the Apartment Pavilion, Liberta serves up freshly made pizzas and pastas in a spacious, yet elegant that exudes a sophisticated and chic vibe. This laidback Italian eatery is great for a romantic date or even a night out with the family. Their outdoor tables have a casual elegance that look (and feel) incredibly comfortable, and during the drier months of Jakarta's skies, are an excellent place to have a long, wine-enriched dinner with friends.

Lobo Italian Bistro (The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan)


PRICE: Rp 100.000 - 250.000

Situated at the Grand Lobby of The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan, the new concept of Lobo is now ready to embrace Italian food connoisseurs of Jakarta with the renowned legendary service of The Ritz-Carlton, combined with the classic Italian music and chill ambience are ready to greet you when you enter our new Lobo Italian Bistro. The Restaurant also offers picturesque al fresco Lobo Terrace with views the Mega Kuningan skyline.


Senayan & Pantai Indah Kapuk

PRICE: Rp 250.000 - 400.000

Located in Plaza Senayan and PIK Avenue, Pasta House AWkitchen is an Italian Restaurant serving Italian Food. New dining concept where Italian cuisined influenced with the finest of Japanese to give customers dining experience to a whole new level. The restaurant is very nicely designed and sure you will enjoy the ambience.

Mamma Rosy


PRICE: Rp 100.000 - 250.000

An amazing house in Kemang, a genuine Italian family, a truly home-made cooking and traditional Italian drinks. Mamma Rossy has kept the joy of cooking and serving people for the past three generations. Pretty cool huh? Jakarta is privileged to be the first location outside Italy to have a fully conceptualised Italian restaurant put together by this humble and homely family.

Black Sheep


PRICE: Rp 250.000 - 400.000

Do not be fooled by the ambiguous name that projects your imagination into a British or Irish restaurant, the Black Sheep is a pure Italian restaurant with a particular concept, to be discovered. It opens early in the morning preparing the breakfasts, the team is already here from early morning to operate the bakery, and the bread is made respecting as much as possible the tradition. The coffee is a 100% Arabica roasted blend in Italy, vegetables and seafood are meticulously selected, and gradually until late night, all our dishes are cooked according to traditional recipes.

Plan B - Spanish Resto (Permata Senayan)

Kebayoran Lama

PRICE: Rp 100.000 - 250.000

Nestled in the little corner street of Permata Senayan in South Jakarta hides Plan B that is devoted to authentic Spanish cuisine. With simple, classic fare done as the Spanish do - as an accompaniment to long, lovely evenings filled with wine and laughter - Plan B is sure to steal your heart.

El Asador


PRICE: Rp 100.000 - 250.000

Forget your regular steak and potatoes grill house. A lively South American Wood Fire Grill & Brew is what you should seek for an eventful and delicious evening out. El Asador located on the bustling streets of Kemang is home to the finest traditions in rearing, cutting, preparing, serving, and eating beef in Jakarta. Barbecuing for an “Asador” is an art that requires patience and diligence, using wood or coal.

Basic Instinct Culinary


PRICE: Rp 400.000 - 550.000

Serving contemporary French cuisine in an ornately decorated interior reminiscent of The Great Gatsby, Basic Instinct brings to the table the exquisite flavors of French ingredients unmasked by unnecessary seasonings. Basic Instinct refers to human’s most basic need – food, and endless passion to deliver impeccable cuisine to the table.

Crazy Uncle Restaurant & Bar


PRICE: Rp 250.000 - 400.000

This modern and classic styled Italian restaurant is the perfect place to savour some Sardinian and Italian cuisine. Nestled along the busy roads of Senopati (South Jakarta), Crazy Uncle is a good restaurant option to visit with a large group. So invite more friends along — you’ll want to pace yourself so you can get a slice of everything.


Ambiente Ristorante (Aryaduta)


PRICE: Rp 250.000 - 400.000

Ambiente is an Italian word for "environment" and our beautiful restaurant setting is where you will relax and relish dishes made of fresh, quality ingredients served impeccably with warmth and spirit in a room that features a casual-rustic interior, a venue considered by gourmands as one of Jakarta's most authentic dining experiences. Ambiente represents a familiar name in refined Italian cuisine yet with a vibrant new face that is today the talk of the town.

Bacco (Lotte Shopping Avenue)


PRICE: Rp 250.000 - 400.000

Nestled at the main lobby of Lotte Shopping Avenue, Bacco is South Jakarta's modern establishment with a vino-centric concept in mind. The presentation and goal of their succulent food is geared towards the synergy and harmony with their wine collections. The ultimate pairing of these elements is good food! They celebrate vibrant food, wine and culture, while paying respect to the best seasonal produce from local growers.

L'Avenue Restaurant by The Hermitage Jakarta


PRICE: Rp 250.000 - 400.000

Located on the prestigious district, The Hermitage (Menteng - Central Jakarta), L'Avenue Restaurant is a chic-ethno-bistro style restaurant with a contemporary yet casual international menu offering an authentic Italian cuisine from the experienced Italian Chef, Francesco Greco. Of course, ambience would mean little if the food wasn’t up to par, and at L'Avenue, even the most exacting of diners will find little to complain about.

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