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Asian Chicken Burger, Staunton
Chicken Tikka Masala, Staunton
Interior, Staunton
Linguini Prawns, Staunton
Steak, Staunton
Vegan Bowl, Staunton
1st Floor Outdoor, Staunton
Sizzling Chilly with Garlic Prawn, Staunton
Proscuitto Pizza, Staunton
1st Floor Indoor, Staunton
Classic Fish & Chips, Staunton

Staunton's Wine Bar + Cafe

Bustling bar and café in the heart of Soho

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  • Location

    Central, SoHo/Mid-Levels

  • Address

    1/F, 10-12 Staunton Street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong Map


    $ (<HK$150)


    Al Fresco, Business Meetings, Casual Dining, Kid Friendly, Meeting For Drinks, Private Functions, Quiet Dining, Romantic Dates


Experience the spirit of Soho at this restaurant and bar with a "view" - by view, we mean seeing the exciting expat hustle and bustle that makes Soho seem like a drop of Manhattan descended on the South China Sea. An amazing people-watching hotspot located right by the escalators, Staunton's offers ...More


The Classic Staunton’s Burger, Sizzling Chilly with Garlic Prawns, The Classic Fish & Chips, Chorizo Pizza, Healthy Vegan Bowl

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