Pancake, Dacha, Soho, Hong Kong
Honey Cake, Dacha, Soho, Hong Kong
Naked Cake, Dacha, Soho, Hong Kong
Soup, Dacha, Soho, Hong Kong
Olivier Salad, Dacha, Soho, Hong Kong
Cabbage Rolls, Dacha, Soho, Hong Kong
Dining Area of Dacha, Soho, Hong Kong
Pickles, Dacha, Soho, Hong Kong


Authentically delicious Eastern European fare along Hollywood Road

Earn 100 Chope-Dollars at this Restaurant ?

  • Location

    Central, SoHo/Mid-Levels

  • Address

    G/F, 38-40 Hollywood Road, Soho, Central, Hong Kong Map

  • Price

    $$ (HK$150 - $400)


Knock yourself out with a smorgasbord of dishes which have their roots in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Georgian, and Romanian traditional cuisines. At Dacha, the atmosphere is intimate and welcoming, reminiscent of a cosy house in the countryside. Rest assured that at this restaurant, the dishes are ...More


The borscht… was divine. It was a thin broth with an underlying beef flavour, although to our surprise, there was no beef in the soup. Our portion was thoughtfully divided into two bowls and we relished every spoonful.” -South China Morning Post


Borsch Soup, Meat Kotletki, Chicken Pelmeni, Chebureki, Manti, Hunter’s Stew ‘Bigos’, Cheese and Vanilla Pierogi, Meat Platter, Cured Baltic Herring

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