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Shrimp, Cafe Siam, Central, Hong Kong
Crab, Cafe Siam, Central, Hong Kong
Cafe Siam interior, Central, Hong Kong
Pandan Chicken, Cafe Siam, Central, Hong Kong
Mango Sticky Rice, Cafe Siam, Central, Hong Kong
Cafe Siam interior 2, Central, Hong Kong
Pumpkin Pudding, Cafe Siam, Central, Hong Kong
Red Curry Duck, Cafe Siam, Central, Hong Kong
Cafe Siam interior 3, Central, Hong Kong
Salad, Cafe Siam, Central, Hong Kong
Thai Milk Tea, Cafe Siam, Central, Hong Kong

Cafe Siam (Lan Kwai Fong)

Traditional and tasty Thai cuisine in Lan Kwai Fong

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  • Cuisine

    Thai, Southeast Asian

  • Menus

    Main Menu Drinks Menu

  • Hours

    Mon-Thu: 12-2:30pm; 6:30-11pm
    Fri & Sat: 12-2:30pm; 6:30-11:30pm

  • Serves

    Lunch, Dinner

  • Good for

    Casual Dining, Large Parties (>10)

  • Location

    Central, Lan Kwai Fong

  • Address

    2/F - 3/F, The Plaza, 21 D' Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong Map


    $$ (HK$150 - $400)


If you're looking for a tranquil respite from the chaotic Lan Kwai Fong district you'll find Cafe Siam fits the bill perfectly. This Michelin-recognized restaurant is comprised of two floors filled with vintage knick-knacks and chic furnishings atop elegant teak wood flooring. Private parties are af ...More


“This no-fuss diner is perfect for weekday dinners and casual weekend lunches. Classic Thai dishes such as laab, green/red/yellow curries and chicken wrapped in pandan leaves are favourites on the menu.” - TimeOut Hong Kong


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Goong Pun Mei, Poo Pad Phong Gari, Koh Moo Yang, Tod Mun Goong, Yum Hua Plee, Young Coconut Freeze, Homemade Ginger Ale with Lemongrass


"For ridiculously yummy Thai food, awesome service complete with a genuine Thai smile, head to Café Siam. Beautiful pad thais, curries and spicy salads are just a few of the dishes that you will fall in love with! The décor is also stunning with teak wood flooring, vintage knick-knacks and chic fu ...More

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