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When all you want is a thick, juicy steak and nothing else will suffice.
Chope is here to help you satisfy your craving for a tender cut of the best beef in Hong Kong.

Steak Guide

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse (Admiralty)

Extraordinary global steak house in Admiralty

Must-try: Petite Filet

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If you’re wondering how these steaks are so deliciously seared yet still so juicy, here’s the secret: they broil the steaks at 1800 degrees, so you get that beautiful caramelised crust to lock in the flavours of the tender, juicy meat. The steaks come sizzling hot on a cast-iron platter, with a heavenly aroma you just can’t resist.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse by Wolfgang Zwiener

Famed steakhouse on Duddell Street in Central

Must try: USDA Prime Dry-Aged NY Sirloin


Simple, elegant, and authentic, the classic, no-frills, American-style steaks here let the the meat truly shine. After all, when you’ve got USDA prime beef that’s been dry-aged on premise for 28 days, it would be a sin to cover the flavours of that beautiful steak with sauces and sides.

Tango Argentinian Steakhouse (Central)

Argentinian steaks and rustic eats on Wyndham Street

Must try: Ribeye


Best known for their Argentinian steak, Tango serves up juicy cuts of steak seared over the establishment’s large open cooking station. We recommend witnessing the making of a flavourful ribeye before digging into a juicy meal!

BLT Steak

Renowned American-style steakhouse in Tsim Sha Tsui

Must try: American USDA Porterhouse


Beef connoisseurs will be most pleased by the American USDA Porterhouse at this contemporary, upscale American-style Steak House. The aged meats here are served naked from their grill.


Superb steak and seafood in Lan Kwai Fong

Must try: Spanish ‘Los Norteños’ Prime


Celebrate the timeless combination of beautifully made steaks and luxurious fresh seafood! The combined effort of David Laris, China’s most celebrated chef, and the award-winning Eclipse Hospitality Group, gives Hong Kong this stellar American steakhouse that rivals the best in the world.

The Den

Friendly eatery with a focus on quality Wagyu steaks in Sai Ying Pun

Must try: Wagyu T Bone

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Ranging from quality Wagyu T Bone to Tomahawk, taste the incredible flavour and tenderness at this small intimate restaurant.

Bistecca Italian Steak House

Traditional Italian steakhouse in Lan Kwai Fong

Must try: 32oz Fiorentina


Modelled after a traditional Italian butcher shop, all the meats here are carefully selected and aged for optimum tenderness. Sinking your teeth into their 32oz Fiorentina (or even their fan-favourite Rigatoni) will make you feel like you've been instantly transported to a rustic steakhouse in Northern Italy.

Morton's The Steakhouse

Famed American steakhouse with spectacular harbour views

Must try: Signature Cut Prime New York Strip


With the creme de la creme of USDA Prime aged grain-fed beef, it’s hard for meat lovers to resist Morton’s the Steakhouse. Pair that with an extensive list of wines, and you’ve got a drool-worthy dinner worth every calorie.

The Grill Room (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Premium grills in Tsim Sha Tsui

Must try: Beef Cheek


Dig into their well-seared Beef Cheek served with seasonal vegetables. Stunningly tender, it’s no wonder this dish is their main deal. Pair it with a robust Bordeaux, or a bracing signature cocktail, for that perfect evening!

The Optimist

Authentic Northern Spanish cuisine and cocktails in Wan Chai

Must try: Chateaubriand (For Two)


Treat yourself to a sumptuous meal at this unique and authentic Northern Spanish joint. Here, the asador, a traditional Spanish grill, takes center stage. Slabs of steaks cook over burning wood and coals, getting a dark, smoky, and utterly delicious aroma.

Grand Hyatt Steakhouse

Classic American Steakhouse in Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Must try: Dry-Aged Beef Prime Tomahawk Ribeye


This steakhouse prides itself in a variety of top-notch beef cuts from the US, Canada, and Japan. If you’ve got an appetite, grab yourself a 32-ounce Dry-aged Beef Prime Tomahawk Ribeye. We also love the way their Wagyu Beef A-5 Kumamoto Tenderloin and Braised USDA Prime Black Angus Smoked Beef Short Rib just melts in your mouth.

TM's by The Den

TM's by The Den

Family-run Peruvian restaurant located in Sai Ying Pun

Must try: M5 Wagyu Filet Mignon

Carte Menu

By the same family behind The Den, TM by The Den puts the spotlight on Peruvian cuisine and offers succulent cuts like the must-try M5 Wagyu Filet Mignon. What's more, their fresh seafood dishes are also well loved by diners!


Premium American steakhouse in Wan Chai

Must try: Carpetbag Steak


Nebraska offers premium quality steaks and comfort food in Wan Chai. Using only high-quality ingredients, their signature dish of Carpetbag Steak is sure to delight.