Romantic Restaurant Guide

Whether you're trying to impress your date or reconnect with a loved one, you're sure to find an unforgettable spot below!

One visit to the restaurant, and you'll soon realise that its name is in reference to its décor, dynamic Cantonese cuisine, and stunning panoramas. While comfortably ensconced in sleek, modern surroundings you'll dine on traditional dishes that are simultaneously decadent and delicate. For that extra wow factor, snag a spot during the nightly multimedia performance on the Victoria Harbour - a "Symphony of Lights" may just earn you brownie points with your sweetheart!

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Hong Kong has an adventurous culinary destination for all occasions, and FINDS is no exception. Going beyond your usual European cuisines, FINDS - which stands for Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden - puts Nordic flavours in the spotlight. The vibrant Tsim Sha Tsui restaurant has an undulating roof, a hard-to-miss electric blue bar and enough space that your table of two won't feel cramped. The eclectic atmosphere and unique food - smoked reindeer, anyone? - will make it a date to remember.

Bored of your typical, formal sit down dinner? You're in luck, because at Gonpachi, everything will spark conversation! Take in the awe-inspiring authenticity of the decorations and delicious smells wafting from the kitchen from an intimate alcove, or gape in mutual awe at the chefs preparing the famed Kushi-style skewers behind the open counter, and spinning out handmade soba in their soba-making room. The theatrics are an interactive bonus on top of the robust fare and its convenient location in Causeway Bay.

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With its fancy architectural details like arched columns, spiralled railings, and patterned tiles, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong's Grissini will make you feel like you've stumbled into a piece of Italy. The combination of Italian romance, supping on beautifully plated traditional Italian dishes, and the magnificent view of Victoria Harbour is so intoxicating, we wouldn't be surprised if your memories of the evening are tinged with a rosy glow for years to come.

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If you're part of a duo whose preference for date nights include music, Lan Kwai Fong's JINJUU might become your go-to nightspot when the craving for Korean grub strikes. The menu showcases premium ingredients in both classic and modern fare that's been given a flavour boost and, if you pick the right days, there'll even be an in-house DJ to skilfully create a constant flow of smooth house and soulful R&B background music. It's easy to make this industrial chic space part of your regular routine for late night grooves and amazing eats.

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Lai Bun Fu's elegant space and more formal way of enjoying a meal hearken back to the colonial nostalgia of yesteryear. You and your beloved will be feasting like actual VIPs, because the fine dining dishes stem from Chef Chung Kin Keung's experience of creating masterpieces for high ranking guests during his time at the Government House. The service, is equally superb. For special occasions, or even as a way to treat yourselves, Lai Bun Fu's extravagant atmosphere is sure to make you feel like royalty.

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No place understands partnership like this edgy watering hole and chophouse twosome, Lily & Bloom. It's a one-two punch of great, hearty American dishes paired with an incredibly varied selection of cocktails, that's guaranteed to have you and your date canoodling by the end of the night!

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Choose from multiple Northern Spanish grilled items cooked 'asador' style over hot coals, or other traditional dishes that'll excite your taste buds at this romantic establishment. As you settle in to await fresh produce and authentic flavours, the sultry environs of The Optimist - especially if you're side by side at the Barcelona-style bar - make it easy to start some coy chit chat or carry on a deep conversation. The best part? The restaurant is spacious enough that you'll be able to flirt in relative privacy, without having to deal with intrusive neighbours.

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It’s an ideal intimate spot for a date night at Beefbar with their interior of noble materials and hushed atmosphere. Have yourself and your date indulge in their Tacos & Tostadas options (think: King Crab, Mango Tostadas) and follow up with their Certified Kobe Beef or Australian “Wagyu-Crossbred” Beef, just to name a few. For lighter options, dig into Homemade Tagliolini with Brittany Blue Lobster or Pan Fried Amberjack, Misco Bisque, Couscous. Beefbar will have you both under the spell of their stellar international experience.

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