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How To Redeem Dining Vouchers



Enjoy a more seamless experience the next time you redeem your dining vouchers! Say goodbye to tiresome redemptions, because you can now redeem them with just a few taps via your Chope app!

Plus, vouchers are now grouped by restaurants and expiry dates (highlighted in orange), so you no longer have to worry about forgotten vouchers that are expiring!

Find out more about the simplified voucher redemption process with our step-by-step guide below.

Note: The new redemption process is only available on the Chope app in Singapore and Hong Kong.


View this video for a quick tutorial!

Download the app to start redeeming!


Each restaurant has its own preferred redemption method. Please check with the restaurant before redeeming. For most restaurants, they will require you to swipe to redeem via the Chope app. For restaurants that are required to scan your voucher’s QR code, please tap on “View QR” on the top right hand corner of the voucher page to access the code.
Yes. This is to ensure that the redemption process is being verified and that you, as a diner, will be entitled to receive the discount/promotion from the redeemed vouchers.
Please note that refunds are not allowed once the vouchers have been redeemed.
Open your ‘Profile’ tab in the Chope app and select ‘My Vouchers’. Choose the desired restaurant and tap into the voucher to view more details.
The red dot beside the date indicates that the voucher is only valid for the specific timing(s) stated. Tap into the voucher to view more details on the redemption restrictions.
All redemptions will be shown on the 'View Activity' page. Select your ‘Profile’ tab in your Chope app, tap into ‘My Vouchers’ and you will be able to find ‘View Activity’ on the top right hand corner of the page.
All orders and past redemptions will be shown in the ‘View Activity’ page.
Please seek assistance from the staff for the restaurant’s QR code.
To access your voucher’s QR code, tap on “View QR” after selecting the voucher you wish to redeem. You may also access the QR code via the voucher confirmation email received.
A voucher’s QR code is the QR code sent to your email address upon your voucher purchase. You can find it in your email or the Chope app. A restaurant’s QR code is found in the restaurant and you would only need to scan this if the app prompts you to do so. Please approach the staff to enquire about the restaurant’s QR code if necessary.
No. Only selected restaurants will require diners to scan their QR codes. If required, the app will automatically prompt you to scan the QR code.
You can approach the staff at the restaurant to request for the restaurant code.
Most restaurants do accept multiple vouchers to be used in one sitting, but there are restaurants with stricter redemption policies in place. Kindly check the terms of use of your preferred restaurant vouchers before purchase to be sure.
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