Must-Try Japanese Eats

Modern Yakitori in Catchick Street

Get your Japanese fusion cravings sorted with frenetic energy at Fugazi, located in the hip Catchick Street of Kennedy Town. Head over for their humble yet trendy dishes of meat on a stick, turned over charcoal until perfectly cooked, with a signature kiss of smoke. Or their succulent Grilled Salmon Belly, made to perfection. Wash the indulgence down with their hearty selection of wines, beers, and of course Sake.

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Drink-centric izakaya in the heart of LKF

It’s a creative cocktails and innovative culinary heaven at AMAZAKE. Dishing up platters of Yellowtail Sashimi “Carpaccio” and Scallop and Uni “Taco” – which is served on a seaweed tempura, you’ll be constantly captivated. Step into all the fun and games here with Sake Pong(!!!) and witty dish names like “Butt, I Love You,” and you’ll be amazed by what this mainstay has to offer!

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Exquisite Japanese–fusion Omakase at Knutsford Terrace

Under the expert culinary leadership of Chef Michael Chan, Hanabi’s seamless, intricate Japanese flavours boast a modern touch, mixed with a bit of asian fusion. Diners are presented with tantalising choices in the set menu that include Kagoshima Wagyu Tataki with Kinome Miso Sauce and Smoked Apple Wood and Creative Sashimi. The rest of the menu also displays precision and innovation: hurry up, and hit up Hanabi for the best of exquisite Japanese!

Set Menu

Innovative izakaya in the heart of Causeway Bay

Gonpachi is a must for sushi lovers.. With eight stores tucked around Japan and US and we’re lucky to have a Gonpachi in HK too. Original culinary expertise is showcased through dishes such as Showa Croquette (crispy potato cakes with minced pork and cheese). And, of course, ground with a stone mortar, their Soba Noodles are handmade (with quality buckwheat flour) daily to produce the smoothest and chewiest in town.

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Exquisite Japanese and French cuisine at Causeway Bay

Dining at Murasaki is all about novelty and dishing up a feast for the tum and eyes. Don’t be fooled by simple-sounding dishes such as Abalone Rice in Soup, or their sushi or sashimi options: all prepared with the freshest ingredients and award-winning culinary skills. Be sure to explore and try their dishes like Foie Gras Crème Brûlée – sounds crazy, but trust us they’re as tasty as they are beautiful.

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Refined Japanese at the Grand Hyatt

From Grand Hyatt’s mezzaine floor, someone’s Instagram feed has come to life. At least, that’s how this Nippon mainstay feels: with categories of sushi, sashimi, minono, and teppanyaki – they never disappoint. Grilled Japanese Beef is served on a crisp houba leaf, and their Clear Hokkaido scallop soup is presented in a hand-painted ceramic teapot. Our fave seat is by the open sushi counter. Get fascinated as the chefs work slabs of Tsukiji-fresh fish into delicate morsels!

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Purist Japanese gastronomy in Causeway Bay

Filled with elements of innovation and traditional cuisine, Kishoku serves up the freshest ingredients sourced daily from Japan. The chefs here are constantly inspired by new ingredients, techniques, and flavours which can be seen in their inviting sushi, simmered dishes, and so on. Don’t miss their Grilled Sea Whelk in Fish Broth and out big favourite: the Black Truffle and Wagyu Beef Consommé.

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