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A warm welcome to reward-U members to Chope. Here's a culinary smorgasbord of restaurants to try, inspired by HK Express' 29, and counting, destinations across Asia. From Da Nang to Taichung, we've got you covered! Earn 100 Chope-Dollars for every reservation with Chope, and convert your Chope-Dollars to reward-U points, starting at just 500 Chope-Dollars to reward-U points.

Da Nang Digs

A contemporary take on Vietnamese cuisine in Central

By the Vietnamese-Australian celebrity chef with ZS Hospitality, this mainstay creates fare reminiscent of authentic Vietnamese street food. Its modern aura prepares us for their luscious Chargrilled Boneless Chicken, Crispy Salt & Pepper Silken Tofu, and smooth Avocado Tarts.

Pet-friendly Viet-Thai eatery with harbour views in Sai Wan Ho

Perched at the harbourfront, Ming & Basil serves only the finest ingredients to diners. They pay tribute to Southeast Asian cuisine through their delectable Goong Pun Oi - think: fresh prawns on sugar cane, Vietnam Ka-Ri Hang Vou (oxtail curry) and of course a good ol’ Pad Thai. Soak in the views with your pets because they’re always welcomed here.

Healthy Vietnamese specialist in Tseung Kwan O

Viet Lime Cafe & Restaurant is the epitome of casual, healthy, and affordable Vietnamese dining. Their hearty Saigon Beef Pho, Hanoi Seafood Hotpot, and Viet Lime Curry Claw are perfect for health-conscious diners to feel satisfied without an ounce of guilt.


Hong Kong Hometown Favourites

Nostalgic, amped up Hong Kong street fare in Lyndhurst Terrace

It’s edgy, cheeky, and full of enthusiasm for those who are down for some brilliant HK-inspired culinary creations and cocktails. Be sure not to miss their celebrated Sweet Rice Dumplings and Roasted Lobster Tail in their funky interior designs.

Iconic restaurant serving traditional Chinese specialties in Causeway Bay

Nothing can beat the classic Chinese cuisine that Lei Garden has been serving up since 1973. Prepare yourself for Crispy Roasted Pork, Fresh Abalone in Oyster Sauce, and more from this international chain.

Chinese Classics in Central

Authentic Chinese dishes with a twenty-first century spin to it. Enjoy the upbeat vibe with Ming Bistro's Red Bean Bun, Thirteen Orphans (Mahjong shaped coconut milk pudding!), and Purple Yam Puff Swans for some playful insta-worthy shots.


Flavourful Chinese dim sum and cuisine in Central

Very deserving of their social media presence, YUM CHA is another for snapping a few pics at. Get your hands on any buns for satisfying the palate and Instagram cravings. Dan Dan Noodles and 1000 Year Duck Egg with Silken Tofu are other must-tries.

Trendy hot pot restaurant with new age ambience in Tsim Sha Tsui

Bursting with energy and contemporary style, The Drunken Pot slays in the chic department. Drunken Chicken, Exotic Clams & Chicken in Sake & Coconut, and "Drunken Pot" with Papaya are absolute faves.


Kunming Flavours

Contemporary Chinese kitchen serving traditional Cantonese cuisine in Central

Reminiscent of a 1970s Kung Fu, Dragon Noodle Academy aspires to dish up authentic tastes with an à-la-mode presentation, and it’s perfectly executed. Polish off some Seafood “Tai Chi” Soup, Crispy Yellow Croaker Fish, and beautifully smooth Flowering Tofu. We’re sure you’ll be back for more.

Sophisticated Sichuan fare with breathtaking views in Kowloon

You’ll find spectacular vistas of the cityscape up in Qi - Nine Dragons, and even more stellar culinary options. Offering traditional Sichuanese fare featuring a modern twist; Mapo Tofu, Spicy Sauteed Prawns, and Fried Calamari with Sichuan Miso are spot on for a numbing and toothsome meal.

Mouthwatering Huaiyang cuisine at Lockhart Road

One Michelin-starred Zhejiang Heen presents the beloved Huaiyang cuisine with a modern twist. They may have extensive menus for different occasions, but their Sesame Pancake, classic Dan Dan noodles (obviously), and Minced Meat in Rice Crusts tick all the boxes for a truly wholesome and ravishing dining experience.


Phuket Delights

Southeast Asian cuisine in Central

With a stunning balcony overlooking the bustling city streets and groovy interior, Mamasan brings Southeast Asian dining to a new level. Think: Peking Duck & Shrimp Salad, Jimbaran Grilled Snapper Fish, and more on their extensive menu. They keep everyone happy with vegetarian and gluten-free menus for those with stricter diets.

Traditional and tasty Thai cuisine in Lan Kwai Fong

For a tranquil, exotic, yet affordable meal, head to Cafe Siam! Try their popular dishes Goong Pun Mei (Thai prawns wrapped in crispy golden noodles), traditional Som Tam with spicy green mango, and don’t forget to pair it with Young Coconut Freeze and Homemade Ginger Ale with Lemongrass. Delish.


Seoul Food

Korean style healthy oven-roasted chicken in Central

Need some Korean Fried Chicken? We definitely do. Popular in its homeland, Goobne Chicken is a hot spot for absolutely delish oil-free options. From Original Oven Roasted Chicken to the extra spicy Volcano Chicken, every palate is satisfied.

Korean-Italian fare with tantalising tipples in Central

An exotic fusion of Korean and Italian dishes can be found in MOYO, where Brown Bossam, Pesto Rice Cakes, and Tiramisu with a hint of green tea gets the better of us. Try their Spicy MOYO Ramen to complete the unique experience at this compelling gem.


Taste of Taichung

Innovative Taiwanese and Japanese delights in Central

Inspired by the best food and parties found in ATT4FUN entertainment building in Taipei, Check-In Taipei is a mesh of free-spirit and vivacity. We love their ingenuity with Ping Pong - yam with mochi, Crispy Chicken Happy Meal, and Drunken Bubble Tea.

Trendy Taiwanese-style hotpot hideout in Tsim Sha Tsui

It’s a hip experience at 101 Craft Hotpot with their bright neon signs, plush couches, and the fact it’s the first Taiwanese hotpot in HK! What could be better than all-you-can-eat Prime Grade Angus Beef, Iberico Pork, and gooey, stringy Three Cheeses Chicken Hotpot? Not much. So better get going!


Tokyo Minute

Late-night Izakaya with a Peruvian twist in Central

Serving casual, authentic Nikkei cuisine with a colourful zest of Peruvian flavours, TokyoLima creates intriguing fare. We’d recommend T-3, a salad dubbed as a typhoon for the taste buds and Ceviche Nipon for seafood lovers. Get ready for exquisite Nikkei nosh.

Drink-centric izakaya in the heart of LKF

With a quirky interior, AMAZAKE is full of passion and fun. Formerly from NOBU, their Head Chef Benny celebrates Japanese cuisine with Beef Inaniwa Udon, Blooming Uni, and more. You and your pals can't go wrong with some Sake Pong and a few signature cocktails.

Subtle hidden gem serving original Japanese fare in Central

Straight from Japan to HK, URA outstandingly integrates East and West into their soul food. With Japas of Hokkaido Crab Paste Toast, Osaka Style Egg Sandwich, and Charcoal Grilled options, expect true luxury.


Renowned innovative Japanese cuisine at InterContinental Hong Kong in Tsim Sha Tsui

Internationally celebrated NOBU never fails to blow us away with their creative creations. Unagi and Foie Gras with Apple Balsamic and Lobster with Wasabi Pepper Sauce are fan favourites. Prepare for delish Jap delights.