Ultimate Guide to Healthy Eats in Hong Kong

Meal planning is an integral part to eating more consciously. Think about how many times you've resorted to eating whatever you could find last minute - just because you couldn't be bothered to stand in line.

Now you don't need to spend any of your precious time scouring the internet for a spot and dialling the restaurant's number (who has time for that anyway?). We've already done the research; here are the best healthy options available at the most popular restaurants in Hong Kong. The best part: you can book right here on Chope and get confirmed reservations instantly. Eating better is only a reservation away!

All-day breakfast in a gallery setting in Tsim Sha Tsui

Must Try: Tofu Steak

Prepared with tomato coulis, grilled portobello mushrooms, and aubergine, this delicious meat-free alternative for steak won’t taste like an “alternative”. One taste of this wonderful veggie dish and you’ll be raving it about it too!

Classy cocktail and whiskey bar with a stunning outdoor garden in Central

Must Try: Top Secret Nachos

The bar food at Topiary is not what you’d expect, bringing late night munchers a healthier bar snack option in the form of vegetarian canapés. With the intention of changing the public’s perception of vegetarian food, Topiary is paving way for a whole new bar snack revelation.

Symphony of healthy food and art in Ap Lei Chau

Must Try: Quinoa Salad with Artichokes

Given the essential amino acids, anti-oxidants and iron that's packed into quinoa and don't forget the folic acid, Vitamin C and fiber contained in an artichoke - must make this dish a super 'superfood' and definitely not to be missed! Made with red onion, peppers, fresh mint and lime juice, it's packed with punchy flavour, and also really good for you!

Contemporary European Cuisine in Ovolo Southside

Must Try: Gluten-free Penne

CIRQLE celebrates the discovery of conversation-starting plates, mouth-watering tastes and fresh flavours with original recipes prepared with the finest quality produce.

Multi-awarded modern European eatery in Central

Must Try: Roasted French Turbot

Beautifully constructed, this dish featuring the wonderfully meaty French Turbot is served with carrot purée, brown shrimps and smoked prawn butter. The fish has an almost buttery flavor; it tastes rich and decadent but with little added fat value!

Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine with a great ambience in Soho

Must Try: Watermelon & Halloumi Salad

Watermelon and grilled halloumi cheese are always right together!
The best sweet and salty combination out of all, is now available at Awtar in Mediterranean style. Can you imagine the joy of juicy and refreshing sweetness in your mouth after having taken the first bite?

Delicious, healthy, farm-to-table cuisine in Shatin

Must Try: Couscous Salad

This couscous salad is a sugar-free and fat-free treat for the "locavores" at this farm-to-fork restaurant, specialising in their experimental use of delicious, local farm-fresh and natural ingredients. Nourish your body surrounded by a luscious green setting on their patio.

Authentic and healthy French kitchen in Wan Chai

Must Try: (Gluten-free) Buckwheat Galettes

Holy Crêpe! Check out the gluten-free options available here. Galettes are savoury crêpes that are customisable for whatever you're in the mood for so you can load up on the healthy topping options. Psst...they have gluten-free pasta options too!

International fare with a healthy spin in Causeway Bay

Must Try: Curry sea bass with Organic Rice

If you must have some rice to round out your meal, organic is the way to go. The curry sea bass is brimming with flavours, and hits the spot when your palate is craving some spices. Comfort food at its healthiest!

All-day breakfast and English comfort food in Admiralty

Must Try: Cauliflower Steak

This healthy alternative for steak packs all the flavour but a fraction of the calories. The best part: you won't feel weighted down afterwards, which is great because the desserts here are to die for!

Charming Mediterranean eatery in Central

Must Try: "Bridges Street" Salad with Smoked Salmon

On its own, this melon, tomato, avocado, French beans mixed salad makes a delightful gluten-free and vegan option. However, if you share our obsession with smoked salmon, it's available to add as an extra topping!

Traditional Andalusian cuisine in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui

Must Try: Vegetable Paella

The vegetarian take on this flavourful traditional dish contains a powerhouse of yummy goodness like artichokes, carrots and mushrooms. So tasty, and so good for you!