Egg Benedict Guide

We love weekends where we can brunch around town, discover amazing Hong Kong eats, and devour just about anything we can think of. As of late, we've got or eyes set on something super delicious and ultra eggy - Eggs Benedict! So take a look at our list and get ready to get your egg on!

It isn’t just the indulgent All-American Brunch buffet and the drinks that are worthy of mention here. The Bloom Benny is an equally hearty breakfast option, with delicious coppa ham, crisp focaccia toast, greens, poached eggs, and the metaphorical icing on the cake—a warm, delicious sauce of home-made brown butter hollandaise drizzled on top. The creamy and caramelised flavours really elevate this scrumptious rendition of the classic breakfast dish! The final touch? Chic interiors that make this the perfect spot for a weekend catchup with some friends.

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For a truly luxurious start to your weekend, this Fenwick Pier brunch stalwart is fitted with a walk-in wine cellar and cigar room to boot. The French bistro spreads out over 7000 sq ft of space, spilling over into an alfresco bar where you can bask in sprawling views of Victoria Harbour. And our go-to dish? Quayside's Eggs Benedict, served with slices of gammon ham, and a poached egg on a toasty English muffin. It’s part of a brunch set including cold cuts, French cheeses, a dizzying array of prepared and DIY salads, roasted lamb, and dessert. Psst, add on the free flow prosecco option if you’re going all out!

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Entering Fish & Meat’s down-to-earth, woodsy interior is reminiscent of sitting down for a home-cooked meal in a Scandinavian home. It’s a restaurant that prides itself on going back to basics and using only the highest quality ingredients, focusing instead on simple but stunning presentation so the food becomes the star of the show. Indeed, this is not your typical Eggs Benedict by any means. The Fish & Meat interpretation comes with smoked salmon, potato rosti, horseradish crème fraîche, a poached egg, and salmon roe, infusing every bite with a heady explosion of unique flavours.

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We love a perfectly poached egg and the Eggs Benedict here (part of the set brunch) has one of the best. Topped with hollandaise sauce and a wobbly yolk, it's safe to say this is one eggs benny you can't miss! You can choose to tuck into your eggs in either the Botanicals Bar downstairs or The Kitchen just a floor above, both housed within a colonial-style building harkening back to the previous century. Either way, breakfast will be served with a delectable starters board for sharing, which includes ricotta, crushed avocado, and crabmeat. We recommend pairing them with your eggs for a luxe version of the classic.

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Utilising organic eggs, deliciously cured Spanish ham, and roasted cherry tomatoes, along with a superbly crafted hollandaise sauce, Mandarin Grill + Bar's Eggs Benedict takes this eggy classic to the next level. The main comes with a thoughtful array of accoutrements, like homemade breads and pastries, your choice of freshly-squeezed fruit juice, and still or sparkling water. It’s only befitting this eight-time Michelin-starred restaurant, where every detail is carefully thought out. Look out for the Gerard D’a Henderson paintings, scallop-inspired ceiling design, and flower arrangements adorning the space.

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If you’re tired of seeing the same cafe fare over and over again, this popular all-day breakfast joint with a laid-back vibe has a bunch of fancy fixings to jazz up your Eggs Benedict. A well-curated list of ingredients like corned beef, avocado, and even black truffle paste are all on offer. It’s the perfect twist on the brunch classic, accompanying the flawlessly executed egg yolk atop a fluffy English muffin. Go on and indulge a little - it is the most important meal of the day after all.

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This quaint little Tsim Sha Tsui space dishes out consistently comforting English fare, housed in an art gallery. Enjoy your weekend dose of culture over inventive sharing plates like cauliflower popcorn and gourmet chips for a mid-morning feast! There’s no better place for a breakfast bonanza with your friends. Of course, what would it be without the ubiquitous Eggs Benedict? We challenge you to try every version on the menu: the classic, Parma Ham, Royale, Florentine, Irish, and even Californian—enough to warrant multiple return visits.

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Eggs benny…at a butcher? Don’t be too surprised: at this meat specialist, you can be sure the robust helping of serrano ham used is only of the best quality. The Slow Poached Eggs at Blue come ready to devour with a serving of mushrooms, crunchy sourdough, and a tangy hollandaise sauce. Don’t forget to get that iconic Instagram shot before you tuck in!

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