Chope Diner FAQ

Chope Diner FAQ


Chope vouchers are digital vouchers that you receive in your email and Chope app instantly upon successful purchase. To use the voucher, simply present it on your mobile, or print out the voucher containing the 12-digit unique voucher code, and present it to the restaurant host before ordering. The restaurant host will fill in the Restaurant Code and Receipt Number. Please note that some restaurants do require a printed copy of the voucher. Kindly refer to the Terms of Use of each voucher.

Sure! Chope Vouchers are transferable, so feel free to forward the voucher to your friends/colleagues/family. If you are not sure which dining voucher to give, why not purchase our Chope Corporate Gift Card, and let them decide the gift of their choice?

Yes, Chope Vouchers are cash vouchers, and can be used to offset the entire bill, after GST and service charge.

Kindly note the Order Number on the checkout page. Do look through your mailbox again. If it is not in your regular mailbox, search your spam/junk folder. If you had entered your Chope account email for the purchase, you will see the voucher in your Chope app under My Vouchers. If you do not have the Chope app, you can download it on the Apple App Store or on the Google Play Store. If you had entered a wrong email address you may try finding your voucher via this Voucher Recovery Link. If the above methods do not work for you and you require our assistance to look up your order, please email us with the following details: Your Full Name Email Address Contact Number Last 4 digits of the card used for purchase


Chope vouchers are smart e-vouchers that combine all your purchases into one code for your ease of reference, and you can use the same voucher code to redeem your vouchers at the different restaurants. Each restaurant is only able to see and fulfil vouchers of their own restaurant when they key in the unique voucher code, so no worries about a wrong redemption!

Chope vouchers are smart e-vouchers that combine all your purchases into one code, and you do not have to use them all at once. Simply let the restaurant know the number of vouchers you would like to use for your session, and they can process accordingly. For your next visit, present the same voucher code to redeem your remaining vouchers!

Most restaurants do accept multiple vouchers to be used in one sitting, but there are restaurants with stricter redemption policies in place. Kindly check the Terms of Use of your preferred restaurant vouchers before purchase to be sure.

Yes, both redeemed and purchased Chope vouchers can be used together in one sitting. However, some restaurants have stricter policies in place regarding the number of vouchers that can be used – kindly check the Terms of Use of your preferred restaurant vouchers prior to redemption and purchase to be sure.

Each individual Chope Voucher is meant for a one-time use only. However, if you have purchased several Chope Vouchers, you may use the remaining individual vouchers for your next visit. For example, if you have pre-purchased 2 $50 vouchers ($100 in total), and your final bill at the restaurant is $89, you may choose to fully utilize both vouchers, or use one $50 voucher, and pay the remaining $39 with cash or credit card at the restaurant. The other $50 voucher can be used for your subsequent visit to the restaurant. However, if you choose to use both vouchers, you will not be refunded any unused balance.

You may wish to purchase another Chope Voucher or top up the remaining using cash or credit card. However, do note that some restaurants require a printed copy of the voucher thus they will not accept a digital copy of the voucher.

You will need to make a reservation at or on our Chope App before dining at your selected restaurant. Chope allows you to make online reservations 24/7 and receive instant email confirmation for your booking!

Unfortunately, you will not be able to use the voucher at a different outlet as the voucher is tagged to the specific outlet. Please select the respective outlet you will be visiting prior to purchase.

Kindly note that voucher inventories are refreshed daily; in the case where your desired time slot is sold out for the day, you can still purchase the same voucher for another day.

Yes! The date indicated on your Chope voucher is the last date the vouchers are valid till.

Chope Vouchers are valid for 90 days from the date of issuance unless otherwise stated. Please check the expiry date on the voucher before purchase. Unfortunately, we will not be able to extend the expiry date of the voucher. We strongly advise all diners to use the voucher before the date of expiry. The expiry date can be found on voucher email and on the Chope App under My Vouchers.

Unfortunately, we are unable to retroactively enter the discount code once your purchase is completed. You may wish to utilize your discount code in your next purchase instead.

As Chope has made special arrangements with restaurants for the discounts, vouchers sold are non-refundable. However, to provide a low-risk shopping experience for our diners.

We would strongly encourage our diners to print out the vouchers for a smoother billing process. Should you have difficulties printing, please inform the restaurant in advance so that they are aware of the situation.


Kindly ensure that you have used the same email address tied to your Chope account when purchasing vouchers. If your email has not been verified, you will be prompted to do so upon accessing 'My Vouchers' under the 'Profile' tab. Upon verification, your current and past purchases will automatically reflect on the app.

The amount that is displayed on the voucher is the cash value of the voucher which is the actual worth of the voucher. This amount is not the discounted purchase amount you had paid. You may confirm this purchase amount by checking the charge on your bank statement.