Best Fries Guide

For some of us, a meal just isn't complete without a trusty side of golden french fries.
In Hong Kong, they come in all different forms and we couldn't are the 11 best french fries in Hong Kong.

Must Try: Mapo Tofu Fries
It may sound odd, but the combination of fries, minced pork, tofu, chilli, and spring onion provides a refreshing twist to this tried-and- true snack. Bao Bei’s known for their inventive cocktails, so if you’re looking for something to wash your libations down with, look no further. This delectable creation comes in a substantial portion of crispy fries laden with the familiar comforting textures of silky, tongue-numbingly spicy tofu. Talk about an east meets west fusion!

Must Try: Fried Whitebait with Spicy Aioli
If you’re sick of carb-heavy potato fare, these ‘fries’ made of whitebait are for you. Sure, they're not the usual fries, but they're long, they're fried, and they're absolutely delicious! What more could you ask for? These light bites are surprisingly crisp and will leave you wanting more. It’s the perfect alternative to the standard fare, and especially apt for an eatery that calls itself Fish & Meat.

Must Try: Carnitas Fries
Korean-Mexican mayhem! Smothered in melty cheddar, fresh kimchi, and tender shreds of marinated meats, this platter of fries packs a punch. The explosive marriage of two cuisines, each with strong, distinctive flavours, works particularly in this fusion dish. Each slender, crispy fry is an unexpectedly ideal vessel for you to scoop up as much delicious toppings as you can. The restaurant’s open till 3am on weekends, so you know where to head next to satisfy your post-drinking cravings.

Must Try: Parmesan & Truffled Halo Fries
If any bowl of fries deserve to be sainted, it's these Halo Fries! Crunch down on simple potato strips elevated to cult status thanks to a heavenly pairing with parmesan and truffles. The foolproof combination of cheese and fragrant truffle oil will entice your sense of smell and have your stomach rumbling long before the dish makes its way onto your table. These look unassuming compared to some of the quirkier entries on this list, but sometimes the simplest, most classic iterations are the best.

Must Try: Truffle Duck Fat Fries
Forget about your waistline and throw away your diet because this super flavourful, New-Orleans inspired bad boy is totally worth the calories. It comes as an additional side to their Cajun Bourbon Prime Rib Roast, and trust us, you won’t want to pass up on these parmesan-topped carbs. They’re rich, cheesy, and absolutely flawless. Indulge yourself in authentic Southern cuisine with this plate of golden-brown goodness, and thank us later.

Must Try: Kimchi Disco Fries
The ingredients for this well-named starter read like an unlikely grocery list: kimchi, onion, pork, cheese, sriracha, and sour cream. It’s a party in your mouth! It may sound over the top, but you’ll be thanking the culinary geniuses who came up with this wacky triumph even as you’re frantically spooning each spicy, savoury, tangy bite into your mouth. The eatery serves up excellent Korean-Italian fusion food, and this is just one of their many successful experiments.

Must Try: Big Chips in Beef Dripping
What's better than piping hot, chunky chips? As this restaurant helmed by British chef Tom Aikens proves, it’s piping hot, chunky chips fried in beef drippings. Piled high onto your plate, this hot mess definitely earns its ‘big’ moniker. And if anyone knows how to do fries properly, it’s undoubtedly the Brits with their beloved chips. Crunchy outside, fluffy inside, all around yums!

Must Try: Sazon Fries
For one of the more unconventional selections, take a virtual trip over to the Caribbean with Rummin’ Tings’ extraordinary version. This special dish boasts a delicious homemade sazon seasoning and salsa rosa that makes for delightfully satisfying chow. Grab a couple of these fries and settle yourself amidst the restaurant’s funky furnishings, rum-soaked tiki drink in hand, for a great night ahead.

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