Steak Guide

After hours of scouring hundreds of steakhouses, we've come to the consensus that there's no such thing as too much beef. Scroll down to view the full guide!

Must-Try: The Chairman's Steak
The Chairman's Steak looks as imposing as it sounds! Sink your teeth into perfectly cooked, tender slices of meat and top each bite off with a mouthful of crisp fries. Sheer heaven!

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Must-Try: Bistecca alla Fiorentina
A charcoal-grilled sharing steak, Bistecca's exclusive F1 Wagyu comes with a 6+ marble score, resulting in a steak that is so finely textured, it melts in your mouth.

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Must-Try: Ribeye Steak, Pasture-Fed
Wreaking havoc with their insanely delicious grills, FIX's halal-certified ribeye is impeccable. Paired with a creamy porcini sauce and thick-cut fries, this steak is grilling done right!


Must-Try: Brandt 365 Day Grain-Fed Ribeye
The Brandt 365 Ribeye at FYR is 250g of pure divineness. Served with the choice of either Brandied Green Peppercorn Sauce, Black Truffle, Chilli Pesto, or a Tomato Cilantro Salsa - this main is simply delicious any way you order it.

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Must-Try: Ribeye Steak, 100 Day Grass-Fed
Hungry Heroes' Ribeye Steak, famous for it's streaky marbling, comes with the option to customise with either a refreshing coriander-honey, or delectably savoury brown sauce.

Must-Try: Trimmed Entrecôte Steak
Dishing out a classic Trimmed Entrecôte Steak, this French favourite comes dripping with their signature secret sauce and an unlimited amount of crispy, golden fries.


Must-Try: Fiorentina Steak
The Florence-style T-bone steak at La Barca is a force to reckoned with. With a marbling score of 4, and served alongside roasted potatoes and cannellini beans - it's the ideal sharing meal!

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Must-Try: L’Entrecôte de Boeuf au Poivre
Oven roasted to get an even cook, the beautiful Black Angus Ribeye is then caramelized with white peppercorns for a smoky depth and maximum flavour.

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Must-Try: US Angus Sirloin, Grain-Fed
Straight off the charcoal grill and into our bellies, the Grain-Fed, US Angus Sirloin paired with the Mushroom Cream at mezza9 is a favourite for its pure and smokey flavours.

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Must-Try: Porterhouse Steak
An American fixture for over 30 years, Morton's iconic Porterhouse is a carnivore's dream. It's got all the fixings a steak needs - which isn't much when you've got such quality grade beef.

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Must-Try: US Certified Black Angus Ribeye
Hands down one of the best cuts we've ever devoured, New Ubin Seafood's juicy steak comes with a generous portion of potato wedges and fried rice sautéed in beef drippings.


Must-Try: Grilled Grass-Fed Flat Iron Steak
Seasoned with garlic and thyme, the Grass-Fed, Grilled Flat Iron Steak at Oasis is one that melts-in-your-mouth. Paired with one of their signature salads (we love the Cobb Salad) and you have what we consider to be a perfectly balanced meal.

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Must-Try: 250g Grainge Angus, Grain-Fed
If mastering steak was an art, consider Opus Picasso. Not only do they know their steaks, their Grainge Angus Ribeye is so good, it'll make you a steak (or art) fan for life.

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Must-Try: Tagliata di Manzo
At just $32++, this beef flank steak is a work of art. Sprinkled with rocket leaves and drizzled with a balsamic sauce - it's a a fresh and flavourful take on a true Italian classic.

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Must-Try: Tochigi Prefecture Wagyu A4
Delightfully rich, perfectly tender, and totally delicious - this exclusive to Portico Prime cut comes to the table ready to devour as it glistens with their signature truffle beef jus.

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Must-Try: Angus Grain-Fed Tomahawk Steak
Carved at the table, splashed with a banana shallots-red wine sauce, and served with baby carrots and bone marrow - devouring Prive's Tomahawk may result in a serious food coma.

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Must-Try: Steak & Chinchalok
Another, not so typical pairing - the Steak & Chinchalok is a dish for the bold and adventurous. The home-made spicy chinchalok is fiery and not for the faint of heart.

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Must-Try: T-Bone Steak
A steak fit for a king (or queen), The T-Bone Steak, at Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill is amazing. A heavy-hitter in every sense, this steak is 400g cut grilled over an open flame, served alongside a baked potato and grilled vegetables.


Must-Try: Full Blood Wagyu, Blackmore MS9+
Using a "parilla" grill, SKIRT's signature Full Blood Wagyu Grain Fed, Blackmore MS9+ is superbly seasoned, all while keeping its gloriously smokey flavour.

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Must-Try: 100% Angus Black Onyx Sirloin
Stealing the show at Sugarhall, the 360 Days Grain-Fed Sirloin is a hefty slab of sublimeness. Pair it with one of their splendid sides, and you've got a meal that'll have you on cloud 9!

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Must-Try: New Zealand Angus Ribeye
250g of pure meaty goodness, dressed with mushroom veal jus, and served atop parsnip mash - this dish is a Tess fan-fave, best enjoyed with one of their creative cocktails in hand.

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Must-Try: Argentinean Ribeye
Drizzled with chimichurri, topped with salsa criolla, and sprinkled with sea-salt flakes, Vasco's Latin-American ribeye checks all the boxes when it comes to succulent steak!

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Must-Try: Wagyu Ribeye
With a primary focus on premium meats, Yen Yakiniku's modern take on Japanese cookings shines most with their Wagyu. The Wagyu Ribeye, available in a range of sauces, is satisfaction guaranteed!