JUMBO Seafood

JUMBO Seafood, one of Singapore's most recognizable home-grown brands, has over the years built its name on quality seafood at reasonable prices. Head down to one of the Jumbo outlets and taste it for yourself!

Diners are surrounded by serene, lush greenery and a plethora of restaurants and bars, and offers a resort-like ambience.

For golfers commemorating a conquest of the greens, it is best accompanied by a celebratory meal at JUMBO.

This landmark outlet provides an ideal venue for a night out as it is located close to some of the island’s best-known clubs and night spots.

This business dining destination offers a picturesque view of the Singapore river with the occasional tourist bum boats passing by.

The home of Singapore's oldest Teochew community club, you can be sure that dining at Chui Huay Lim Teochew Cuisine restaurant is one of the most authentic Teochew experiences possible.